Confirmation Gift Ideas for Sponsor

9 Best Confirmation Gift Ideas for Sponsors

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Confirmation is a Sacrament we Catholics undergo to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is the day when we deepen our commitment to God and His Church. In this celebration, the candidates are accompanied by their confirmation sponsors guiding them in their Christian life journey. Because of this, aside from choosing a confirmation Saint name, it is also a custom to give tokens of appreciation to these sponsors. In this blog post, we will list down some of the Confirmation Gift Ideas for Sponsors that you could consider. These gift ideas will surely be adored by your sponsors.

Here are the coolest confirmation gift ideas for sponsors.


As the Rosary is one of the most powerful prayers to date, this is for sure a no.1 choice as a confirmation gift to sponsors. It is not only that we give it to show our appreciation, but also encourage them to pray it deepening their relationship with the Blessed Mother and the Lord Jesus Christ.

This shop sells durable Rosaries. The Rosaries are made of various materials such as paracord and metal. They also offer Rosary in different designs and colors. A top gift idea!

Prayer Wall Art

Our next gift idea is a prayer wall art. Unlike other wall decors, prayer wall art has a dual purpose. It does not only serve as an aesthetic display but also a reminder to pray and live out the Catholic faith. There are tons of wall art available online but this specific art is gorgeous. With its minimalist design and powerful prayer about the Blessed Sacrament, this is indeed bang for the buck! You can buy it through this link.

Prayer Journal

Another idea for gifting the sponsors is a prayer journal. Journaling is such a perfect way to express oneself. Through it, we connect with God thus a way of praying. As prayer journaling becomes a trend in this age, lots of journals are available in the market. It could be as follows:

  • Book– This is the most common type of prayer journal. You can check this list for the best Catholic Prayer Journals in this form.
  • Printable– Another type is a printable one. These journals offer different prompts depending on your need. This list is highly recommended.

You can never go wrong with a prayer journal. It is one of the best sponsor gifts!

Gift Card

Next on the list is a gift card. If you are unsure what to give, a gift card allows the sponsor the freedom to choose something they really want. Since Amazon is the leading online retailer shop, purchasing their gift card will let the sponsor select a wide variety of products.

This specific gift card is a great choice for easy and convenient shopping. It is reloadable with a fund that does not expire. Reloaded funds have no fees as well. This is an option your sponsor will love!

Personalize Jewelry

Aside from the aforementioned religious products above, you can also opt for a piece of customized jewelry such as a bracelet, necklace, or ring with the initials of the sponsor. You could also add any symbol that represents their interest.

This unisex bracelet is one of the best options. You can customize it by engraving the name of the sponsor. It is adjustable, lightweight, and most of all fashionable. A classy gift you could offer.

Subscription Service

Surprise your sponsor with a subscription service. As it is trending, there are lots of subscription ideas to choose from nowadays. An example is a Kindle membership which is the best option for bookworms or an Audible subscription for those who are fond of audiobooks and other audio content. Another idea is a coffee subscription which is perfect for coffee lovers. It is essential to know the interest of the sponsor to make sure they’d enjoy it.

Study Bible

The Study Bible is also an awesome idea as a gift for the confirmation sponsor. It is beneficial, especially for those who are new to the faith.

This study Bible from Ignatius Press is one of the best Catholic Bibles for beginners. It has features that are useful in delving into the word of God. A must-have in your list of choices.


If the sponsor is interested in a certain cause, you can also consider making a donation to the charity or any other organization on their behalf. Hitting two birds with one stone as they say, this act does not only show love and support to the sponsors but also to their advocacies. This is actually worthy of your consideration.

Spiritual Retreat

Last on our list is a Spiritual Retreat. What a way to inspire your sponsor to be transformed spiritually through a retreat. This allows them to renew their faith and connect with God through prayer, meditation, reflections, and other religious practices. Find a Spiritual Retreat near your sponsor and let them grow closer to God.


There you have the best confirmation gift ideas for the sponsor.

Choosing from the list above can put a smile on your sponsor. However, note that regardless of what gift we give them, it is the thought that really counts. We can give the most luxurious gift but it could be of no value if it is without love. Giving with love on it makes your gift genuine for it shows sincerity and appreciation.

These are some of the other tasks to remember before the Sacrament of Confirmation.

  • Confession- Confessing your sins to a Priest is a must before receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. You have to be cleansed of any stain of sins in receiving it. Click here to know the sins to confess.
  • Confirmation Saint Name- Choosing a confirmation name coming from a Saint is a custom Catholics in different parts of the world practice. It can be overwhelming. To help you, check this out for a complete guide.
  • Confirmation Dress- Choosing what to wear during the Sacrament can be stressful. If you haven’t any idea what to wear, here are some quick guidelines that will help you dress appropriately for this important Sacrament.

May you have a happy confirmation!

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