Best Catholic Prayer Journals

6 Best Catholic Prayer Journals

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Journaling is an effective way to express oneself. Writing down what you feel, what you have gone through the day, and any random thoughts is just therapeutic. Not everyone can vent out to others so having a journal can lessen the burden of keeping everything to oneself. As Catholics, we can also incorporate journaling into our prayer life. Thus the rise of various prayer journals. In this blog post, we will list down the best Catholic prayer journals you can consider buying.

Note that these are premade journals. They are tailored for a specific group or purpose. Although not a requirement in journaling these are helpful to meet each specific need.

St. Joseph’s Journal for Catholic Men

If you are a Catholic man and looking for the best journal, this is for you! It is not just your typical journal, it is also a devotional! One of the best Catholic devotionals, it includes topics to reflect on, prayers, and examen for the next 120 days. This also has quotes from theologians, Church fathers, Popes, Saints, and scriptures. In addition, striking vintage woodcut illustrations from books that were used by monasteries are also provided. A must-have for every Catholic gent!

St. Louis de Montfort’s Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary

St. Louis de Montfort is known for his work about the Blessed Virgin Mary. One of his masterpieces, Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary, was called by Popes and Saints the single greatest book of Marian spirituality ever written. Scott combined this devotional classic and journaling for a whole new experience. The book includes a reading, a summary, and a space for journal entries with prompts to help you get started. A journal, a devotional, and a workbook in one. Highly recommended!

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A Catholic Prayer Journal for Kids

Journaling is not only for adults. It is for all ages! If you want to instill in your children the value of prayer, this book will be your companion. This journal includes guided prayers such as the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet. It also has explanations and blank pages for intentions and personal prayers. Images that surely enticing for young visual learners are also provided. A great way to teach your kids critical thinking, reading, writing, and the Catholic faith. A perfect First Communion gift!

Pray, Hope, & Don’t Worry Prayer Journal for Catholic Women

Included in my other list of the best Catholic books, this journal is a 52-week devotional that includes bible passages and quotes from the Saints to help you overcome anxiety. It has a prayer sequence on the examen, blank pages for spacious writing, weekly Sacramental goals, and various prayers such as Serenity Prayer, Litany of Humility, and others. It is laid out in an organized manner helping you focus on prayer. If you are struggling with anxiety, this journal will be your friend. Thoughtful and inspirational!

NRSV, Catholic Bible, Journal Edition

A top choice as the best Catholic journaling bible, this journaling bible created by the Catholic Bible Press is a complete Catholic Bible, including the Deuterocanonical books. Its margins are extra wide for better journaling. Each page is thick for note-taking and highlighting. To add, the spaces for journaling have dotted lines for guided writing. The text used is easy to read. The design is simple and classy. It is available in various colors, gray, teal, brown, and blue. A great buy!

Reader’s Journal for the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults 

If you are a convert to the Catholic faith and studying it, you should have this journal! This USCCA series expounds the religion well, connecting a bond between our faith, our Church, and God which is necessary to become a devoted Christian. Each chapter has thought-provoking questions and meditation which is helpful in learning the Catechism. Since it is best for beginners in faith, it is easy to understand and use. A great study help. Get this one now!

Premade Prayer Journal

As journaling is becoming renowned nowadays, there are already premade prayer journals available.

Here are the types of prayer journals currently in the market.

  • Book– This type of prayer journal is the most common one. The above list is an example of this form of prayer journal.
  • Printable– Another type is a printable journal. This has become a trend containing different prompts and designs. You can visit this for printable prayer journals to choose from.

If you are not fond of creating your prayer journal sections, you can try these tailored journals. You can get a Holy Mass Journal, Bible Journal, Gratitude Journal, Devotional Journal, and others depending on your need.

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As a journal aficionado, I find it to be much more intentional if we would directly write our daily lives to God. Being honest and unfiltered about how we really are is a way to open our hearts to God, letting him fill them.

The above journals can help you connect with Him. With these references, you can surely grow in faith, teaching you to listen, and improving your prayer life.

For more Catholic books, you can check this list out.

Happy Journaling!

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