Best Catholic Devotional Books

9 Best Catholic Devotional Books

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Devotion is an important part of our lives as Catholics. Novenas, litanies, and special prayers make our Catholic faith richer. We have different ways but with one purpose to get even closer to God. Whether we need help or want to give thanks, or even just to show our love, we express it through our devotion. In this blog post, we will list down some of the best Catholic devotional books that will surely help you grow and be strong in faith.

My Daily Bread

Written by Fr. Anthony Paone, this devotional will strengthen your love for Christ and his teachings. It is composed of a series of brief, daily reflections designed to help you grow in your spiritual life. Each reflection starts with Jesus speaking to you. The next part is presenting to you the truths in the words of Jesus for consideration. The final part is praying to God for help in receiving His wisdom and using it fruitfully. The book is reflective. It makes you look at yourself to discern if your thoughts and your actions are aligned, pushing you to deal with your imperfections and struggles. A daily life guide! Highly recommended.

Padre Pio’s Spiritual Direction for Every Day

St. Padre Pio, a mystic and stigmatist, is considered one of the most famous Saints in the Catholic Church. He was influential that many faithful asked for his advice. And this book is a collection of daily reflections drawn from the advice given through letters. For each daily entry, there is an expert from one of his letters, which is insightful, practical, and wise. Imagine St. Padre Pio as your own spiritual director, what a great way to improve your spiritual life and become holy. A timeless piece!

Daily Lessons from the Saints: 52 Weeks of Inspiration and Encouragement

Saints are the legit source of inspiration when we talk about holiness. They spent a life of love here on earth exemplifying how should we, faithful live. This devotional will help you know them more, giving you ways to emulate their faithfulness. It includes a weekly life of saints with seven daily readings about their legacy, lessons, and practices which is highly interactive teaching you how to apply their wisdom to your life. Informative and easy to read. A must-have!

365 Devotions for Catholics: Daily Moments with God (Living Faith Books) 

This book written by religious and laity is both simple and deep. It is a combination of daily prayer and scripture reading which makes up a powerful devotion. It consists of concise and short reflections incorporating scriptures, which makes them quick to digest and perfect for the busy faithful. This is an ideal guide for those who want to boost their prayer life. Reading this is an excellent way to start your day. Five stars!

A Year with John Paul II: Daily Meditations from His Writings and Prayers

One of the most beloved popes in history, this book will take you on a year-long spiritual journey with this deeply inspiring man and Saint, St. John Paul II. This includes daily meditation which is from the collection of excerpts from his speeches, simple prayers, and poetry giving you a glimpse of his take on various subjects. The content is well-organized, easy to understand, and relatable. Your daily dose of profound wisdom!

The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion: A Book of Daily Reflections

If you are a mother who is busy juggling work and family with little time for prayer, this devotional is for you! It includes brief quotations from saints, scriptures, popes, and other spiritual writers, reflections, brief prayers, and questions to ponder throughout the day that meet mothers in their current life. The messages are also date-specific to easily follow along and stay on track. It is short, concise, and quick to read which is perfect for busy moms. Excellent prayer companion!

St. Joseph’s Journal for Catholic Men

For Catholic men out there, this is not just your basic devotional, it is also your journal! One of the best Catholic journals, this includes topics for reflection, prayer, and examen for 120 days. For better retention and expression, lined journals are also provided. It also has quotes from Saints, theologians, Church fathers, Popes, and the Bible. To add, be in awe of its eye-catching vintage woodcut illustrations from books that were used by monasteries. A great buy!

Called by Name: 365 Daily Devotions for Catholic Women

Created by WINE: Women in New Evangelization, this devotional encourages women to deepen their relationship with God. Aside from daily entries to guide and help you through the year which contains bible passages, reflections, and prayers, it also features an action item to respond to His call. It could be volunteering, donating to charities, or going to confession. The devotional covers different topics that relate to women like parenting, marriage, work, and relationships. It would be an exceptional gift for Catholic women.

All I Am: Discover Who You Are in God (a 90-day Catholic Devotional for Teens)

It is in the teenage years that a person undergoes substantial change, figuring out who they are, what they like, what they can do, and what they can become. It could be overwhelming. And this is what this book is all about. It will help you explore these questions. This includes 90 devotions from the point of view of the Catholic faith using conversational language that makes you think and act. It has uplifting quotes from Saints, Popes, and Catholic inspirations plus traditional prayers to connect with God. This should be in the book collection of every Catholic teen!


As Catholics, we need to nourish our faith. Aside from receiving the Sacraments and prayers, devotions can also help us grow closer to God. These devotionals will surely inspire us to be better Catholics regardless of our current life situation. In silence, a devotion will center our focus on God, pushing us to examine ourselves and find ways to correct whatever needs to correct.

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May our hearts be always open for God.

Loving Mother, pray for us.

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