Hey! I’m Nicole Andrew, you can call me Nicx for short. I am a Certified Public Accountant and currently discerning Religious Life!

Last 2019, I suffered from a Scrupulous Conscience (Religious Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). It was tough and paralyzing. I had no one to talk to about the condition. It actually took me quite some time before I finally figured out what I was experiencing. I read a lot of blogs and forums which helped me move forward with courage.

Inspired by the people behind these pages, I thought, I can also share my challenges and triumphs in having the doubting disease.

In this blog, I will impart how I gradually recover from the darkness of scrupulosity.

I also include everything about Catholic living.

I add Catholic Prayers, Best Catholic Books to read, Catholic Churches, and Pilgrimage Sites to visit and a section that answers FAQs from the faithful around the world.

Hope you follow along. Let’s uplift each other and grow in our Catholic Faith. God bless!