Best Catholic Journaling Bibles

5 Best Catholic Journaling Bibles in 2024

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I have always loved journaling! And I know you too. More than self-talk, I also use it to converse with God. In a way, this becomes part of my prayer life, sharing my thoughts, frustrations, and desires with Him which I sincerely think strengthens our relationship. What I love about journaling is that it is simple to do. You only need a pen and paper and you’re good. Aside from that, it is also an effective tool for meditation and reflection. That’s why I was not surprised when I found out that the bible has journaling as its feature. Contemplating in the scriptures and responding through writing is a perfect combination of listening to God. With many Catholic Journaling bibles available, you might be confused about what to choose. Well, let’s review the best ones.

Here are the best Catholic Journaling Bibles you can have now in 2024.

Holy Bible: NRSV, Catholic Bible, Journal Edition

Created by the Catholic Bible Press, this journaling bible is the best for me! It is a complete Catholic Bible, including the Deuterocanonical books. The margins are extra wide for journaling. The paper used is thick enough for notetaking and highlighting. For guided writing, dotted lines are provided on spaces. The text is easy to read and well-spaced. I also like its design, very simple and classy. It is available in different colors such as gray, teal, brown, and blue. Highly recommended!

The Ave Catholic Notetaking Bible

It is a study bible and a journaling bible combined. The book’s translation is the same as what Fr. Mike Schmitz uses in the Bible in Year podcast. It is spacious with thick pages perfect for drawing and doodling! The font size is large for a more relaxed reading. Plus, the design is elegant! What makes this journaling bible unique is that it has cross-references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church which is fitting for those who are new to the faith such as converts and reverts. If you are looking for the best bible journal for beginners, this is for you!

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The Catholic Journaling Bible

Published by Our Sunday Visitor, this refined-looking journaling bible is specially made for Catholic women. It includes the full text of the New American Bible (NAB), Revised Edition. As to its content, it boasts single-column text giving wide note margins on each page for better notetaking. It also has hand-lettered quotes for extra gospel reflection. I also admire the design. It is simple yet sophisticated. A must-have for Catholic women!

The Catholic Youth Bible, 4th Edition, NABRE: New American Bible Revised Edition

Don’t be deceived by its title! This bible is not just for the youth. If you like a personalized journaling bible, this is also for you! One of its strong features is its durability. It is of high-quality lasting through the years so you don’t have to fear losing pages. There are key verses that are highlighted for easier reflection. Spaces at the ends of the bible will allow you to take notes and do journaling. More than these features, this is also a study bible. It will help you understand God’s words better. Study the scriptures and reflect on them in a colorful and fun way, grab this one now.

Catholic Notetaking Bible

This journaling bible is a gender-neutral version of The Catholic Journaling Bible which is also published by Our Sunday Visitor. For content, there is a topic division in each chapter which makes it organized for a better reading experience. There are also footnotes at the bottom for easy referencing. The pages are thicker than the average bible which is good for highlighting without bleeding through. It is also available in soft leather! The overall design is minimalist. A good gift for every occasion for him or for her.

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There you go! These are your best Catholic journaling bibles in 2024.

As we share with God everything about what and how we feel, may we also listen to Him through the scriptures.

Happy journaling!

St. Jerome, pray for us.

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