Best Catholic Bibles for Beginners

6 Best Catholic Bibles for Beginners

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A common accusation for us Catholics is that we do not read our bible. Despite hearing God’s Words at Mass, I sometimes feel guilty about this claim. Because, as much as I want to look through it, I easily get overwhelmed. I just don’t know where and how to start. I know some of you too feel the same. One of the common questions on the internet is “What is a good Catholic Bible for beginners?” That’s why I decided to compile not just good but some of the best Catholic Bibles for Beginners you can read this 2024! These versions are easy to understand which is recommended especially to those who are new to the faith.

Here are the best Catholic Bibles for beginners.

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: New Testament

This is my top choice! If asked, what is the best Catholic bible for beginners, I’d answer this one. Edited by the famed convert to Catholicism, Scott Hahn, and writer and bible educator, Curtis Mitch, this study bible would surely help beginners go through each gospel with ease. It includes footnotes, commentaries, indexes, cross-references, and color maps. Additionally, study guides can be downloaded here. This study bible is also available in softcover, hardcover, leatherette, ebook, and booklets. For me, the best bible to read and understand.

The Great Adventure Catholic Bible

This is the no.1 best-selling Catholic Bible in the USA! As a follower of one of the renowned Catholic evangelists and biblical scholars, Jeff Cavins, I could say that this book is worth having. His approach of overviewing the entire history of salvation and correlating each event to one another is really beneficial especially to someone like me who wants to understand the connections through the bigger picture. Moreover, its color-coded learning system makes it easy and fun to read. It is also available in Spanish. Highly recommended!

The Didache Bible: With Commentaries Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church

If you are looking for a bible that is good for Catholic converts, this is for you! This edition of Ignatius Bible is a dual-purpose which sets it apart from other study bibles. This will not just help you digest the scriptures but also understand them through the eyes of the Church. It assists the readers to know the Magisterium’s stand on issues to date. It contains study comments, color maps, and apologetics (which is really awesome)! The notes and apologetics are cross-referenced on the topics in the Catechism of the Catholic Church which is beneficial for everyone who is interested in knowing the Catholic Faith more. This is one of the best!

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The Catholic Youth Bible, 4th Edition, NABRE: New American Bible Revised Edition

This is not just for youth! You are reading it right. It is good for all ages. As an adult, when it comes to almost everything, I prefer the basics for easy understanding. And that is what makes me giddy about this bible. Since it is geared towards the younger generation, the narratives are lighter and much more comprehensible. I also love how you can personalize it by coloring, highlighting, and journaling as you meditate on the scriptures! It also has sidebars consisting of guides to embrace the Catholic Christian lifestyle. If you are fond of depictions and illustrations in a colorful and interactive way, this bible is for you. One of the easiest bibles to understand!

Anselm Academic Study Bible: New American Bible Revised Edition

If you are looking for an easy-to-read bible for beginners, you might want to get this! This is created with the assumption that the readers have little or zero knowledge about the bible which makes it perfect for the first-timers. It has study aids like maps, charts, and timelines to enhance learning. It is also navigation-friendly for easy reading. What makes this bible stands out is its excellent translation and notes giving equal importance to ignored topics like the social context of the bible and other interpretations. A must-have!

New Catholic Answer Bible: New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE)

If the bible and Catholic apologetics are combined, this piece is the outcome. Co-authored by Dave Armstrong, an acclaimed apologist, this Catholic apologetics study bible offers foundational facts about Catholicism giving readers scriptural references on the doctrines of the Church. It answers almost all the questions protestants have to the Catholics. This bible is not just good for personal bible study but also a good resource in defending the faith. Perfect for those who are in RCIA or in a process of entering the Church.


There you have it! These are some of the best bibles for beginners in 2024. Whether you are new to the Church or you want to just read and understand God’s words, you can choose any of these bibles. They are all equally great in their own unique features. Happy reading!

“Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ!”
– St. Jerome

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St. Jerome, pray for us.


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