Gift Ideas for Catholic Priest Ordination

7 Gift Ideas for a Newly Ordained Catholic Priest

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As the Church has gained newly Ordained Catholic Priests, we laity probably could not contain the joy of witnessing another Christ here on earth. With this, we could not help but think of ways how to show them our appreciation. Usually, through a gift. In this blog post, we will enumerate some of the best gift ideas for a newly ordained Catholic Priest. Giving you access to the coolest gifts you could offer him.

Here are the gift ideas for a newly ordained Catholic priest.

Spiritual Bouquet

Let’s start our countdown with a Spiritual Bouquet. You’ll never go wrong in choosing prayer as a gift. We can actually put it on paper literally. It is through a Spiritual Bouquet. A Spiritual Bouquet is a collection of prayers offered to a specific person which is indicated on a card. It only requires a card and prayers and all is set! Easy yet powerful. Since the newly ordained Priest needs strength for the upcoming spiritual warfare, he needs our prayers making the spiritual bouquet the best gift.

To know the step-by-step in doing it, you can check this quick guide.


Next on our list is a watch. Since these new priests are going to journey through their missions, time is gold for them. They need to be aware of their schedule, checking on their time from time to time. Thus, a high-quality watch is a must. A watch does not have to be luxurious, even the simple one is good.

This Amazon’s Choice from Timex is classic. Aside from its timeless design, it is also water and dust resistant and durable which fits the busy life of a Priest.

Prayer Journal

Just like Saints, we can also inspire the new priests to keep a journal. There are tons of benefits to journaling. One is they get to know themselves more. It encourages them, to share their thoughts and feelings during a specific point in time, helping them to reflect on their actions.

There are many journals available in the market. It could be in the form of a book or printable. If you want to give a book, you can check this list of the best prayer journals. If you are eyeing a printable, you can check these top-quality prayer journals.

Vocation Books

Ordination is not the end of a priest’s journey. It is actually the start. To help them continue to grow in holiness, gifting books, particularly on vocation is a good choice. There are several books you can purchase online but I suggest something related to spirituality that directly targets the priest.

One book I highly recommend is The Priests We Need to Save The Church by Kevin Wells. Included in the best books on Vocation and Discernment, this reference talks about the quality of a Priest that can nurture his flock’s faith. It serves as a guide that could influence our new priest to be Christ-like amidst the challenges of this vocation.

Audible Subscription

If your new priest is more of listening, you can also consider an Audible subscription. With numerous Catholic audio content on the platform, your priest will surely appreciate it. From spirituality to psychology, Audible offers a wider variety of quality content related to Christianity specifically Catholicism.

If you don’t have an account yet, sign up here for free.

Hallow App Subscription

Another subscription service you can give your newly ordained priest is the Hallow App subscription. More than a prayer app, Hallow also gives its subscribers access to top-selling podcasts such as Bible in a Year and Catechism in a Year. Your priest can also enjoy Catholic music right at his fingertips with its huge selection of songs of worship and praise. With its simple interface, expect an ease of use. A gift idcea worthy of consideration. You can opt for a year of unlimited access for a discount.

Sign up here for free.

Sponsor a Lunch or Dinner

Spend time with the newly ordained priest by inviting him over a sponsored lunch or dinner. This will make him feel that he belongs and part now part of a bigger family. Sharing about your faith, family, career, and other personal matters with him is also a great way to show him you are treating him as a confidant and a friend. You can organize lunch or dinner anywhere but having it at home makes it more intimate. What a thoughtful gift idea for a new priest.


There you have the best gift ideas for Catholic Priest Ordination!

Choosing from the list above can put a smile on your newly ordained Priest. That said, note that regardless of what gift we give him, it is the thought that really counts. We can give him the most expensive gift but it could be of no value if it is without love. Gifting with love is more genuine and sincere.

Pray for your Priest!

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