What to wear for Confirmation?

What to wear for Confirmation?

Confirmation day is a special moment in every Catholic’s life. It is the day that we reaffirm and deepen our commitment to God and the Church. Through this Sacrament, we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. It’s an exciting time, but can also be overwhelming when it comes to deciding what one should wear. You, have you decided what to wear for Confirmation?

If not yet, got you!

There are traditions associated with Confirmation clothes and certain expectations that young adults need to follow. In this post, we will discuss some general guidelines on how to dress for this special occasion.

Generally, the Catholic Church recommended that their confirmation candidates dress in the appropriate color of white or red. The white represents our baptism, which began our acceptance into the Catholic Church, while the red represents the Holy Spirit who confirmed the apostles on Pentecost.

Here is a list of what to wear to Confirmation and some things to keep in mind during this special ceremony.


The most important thing is that you choose a dress that is modest and comfortable. It is important to remember that your confirmation is an important step towards the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, so it should be treated with reverence and respect.

  • White and/or Red Dress
  • Dress shoes (high heels may not be the most comfortable during the Mass
  • White and/or White skirt and Blouse combo

Please refrain from wearing low-cut necklines or backs. You must conceal your shoulders. If you have a sleeveless dress or blouse you must wear a sweater over it. Dresses must also be knee-length or lower.

It is not mandatory to wear a white veil or wear a white rosary, however, it is acceptable to offer bibles or rosaries as gifts. 


The style varies depending on the Church and the location of the country where you live. Some Churches may require males to wear a traditional red tie, but this is not always the case and not necessary.

Here are some examples of men’s proper attire.

  • Black Pants
  • Tie or bow tie (in red if you have one and are comfortable with it) 
  • Red or White long sleeves button-down shirt
  • Dress shoes 

We should observe the sanctity of the Sacrament of Confirmation therefore, you should not wear sneakers, jeans, and/or t-shirts.


For Sponsors, attire during the Confirmation should also be modest. They should follow the way they dress themselves during important Church events like Easter Sunday and Christmas.

Except for suggested colors, they can abide by the guidelines given to the candidates.

General Rules for Dress

  • You should be dressed in a way that shows respect for God and your fellow man. This means that you should not be wearing revealing clothing like see-throughs or tight-fitting clothing, such as shorts or mini skirts.
  • You should also avoid wearing jewelry that might detract from your personal appearance or make it difficult for others to pay attention to what you’re saying. If you’re going to wear earrings, for example, make sure they’re small enough that they won’t interfere with anybody hearing what you have to say during confirmation.
  • When fixing your hair, your forehead must be uncovered for annointing from the Bishop.


I hope this helps you in determining what to wear for Confirmation.

Confirmation is a significant stage in each Catholic’s religious journey, so you want to make sure that you dress accordingly and reflect your newfound status in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

Confirmation dress can be worn during this special rite, in addition to white and or red color dresses, it is important that it must be modest and formal-looking.

This Sacrament will gift you the Holy Spirit, so make sure to wear your best.

Now that you know the dress code and some important reminders, you may also want to check the following other tasks worth remembering before the Sacrament of Confirmation.

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  • Confirmation Saint Name- Choosing a confirmation name coming from a Saint can be tedious. To help you, check this out for a guide.
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Happy Confirmation!

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