Catholic Shrines in Florida

Must-Visit Catholic Shrines in Florida

Florida as a US state has a lot to offer. It has some of the best beaches and most delicious dishes. But aside from these, because of its strong Catholic heritage, it also houses holy sites that are breathtaking. Catholic Churches, Shrines, Cathedral, Basilicas, and other religious sanctuaries, name it, this State has it. In this blog post, we will focus on some of the most beautiful Catholic Shrines in Florida. These places will surely renew your faith, reconnecting you with God.

Here are the must-visit Catholic Shrines in Florida.

Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary Queen of the Universe

Let’s start our trip with the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary Queen of the Universe. Located in Orlando Florida, it is both a Minor Basilica and a Shrine. It was completed in 1993 with a capacity of more than 3,000 faithful. On the entrance are bronze narrative Church portals with mosaics of Abraham, Jesus, and Mary. The main Church’s focus is a gorgeous Altar that is striking with religious symbols. Aside from these, the Shrine also has additional Chapels such as the Mother and Child outdoor Chapel and the Narthex and Daystar Chapel. The Church has magnificent stained glass windows and sculptures as well. Check on St. Michael’s statue outside and be in awe. Don’t forget also to visit their gift shop/museum. A must-visit Catholic Shrine in Florida!

Our Lady of Schoenstatt Shrine

Our next stop is the Our Lady of Schoenstatt. Tiny and powerful. This is probably the best description for this Shrine. Nestled in the silent space in Miami Florida, this pilgrim’s favorite site is just stunning. In a tranquil environment, this is a perfect place to pray and contemplate. Before entering this little Church, you would go through and appreciate its green surroundings with lovely grounds. Inside, the focus is an Altar with an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary carrying the Child Jesus. There are also remarkable stained glass windows on the sides. With its physique, you wouldn’t really think it is a Shrine that attracts a lot of faithful. If you visit, you can also check out their gift shop selling a variety of religious items. Truly, a sacred place of worship!

National Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche

A Catholic Marian Shrine located in St. Augustine, Florida, the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche is originally built in 1609. It is the oldest Shrine in the United States. Due to the British invasion, it was destroyed in 1728 and rebuilt in 1875. And in 2019, it got National Shrine status. As the oldest Catholic and Marian Shrine, it holds historical significance. It is a famous pilgrimage site for those who are concerned with their pregnancy. The main feature of this Shrine is the statue of Our Lady of La Leche. There is also a museum worthy of a visit to learn about the development of the Catholic faith in Florida. The prayer garden is stunning and relaxing as well. The whole place is serene and quiet making it a perfect place for prayer. With its history and grandeur, this should be on your bucket list easily!


There you have the must-see and experience Catholic Shrines in Florida!

These holy sites are historic in that they tell the stories of the past. Aside from their physical attributes, their importance in the life of the people who were touched and changed is also worthy of appreciation.

As Catholics, visiting sites like these can transform us in many best ways. This will allow us to reconnect to God and hone our spirituality. Learning one site at a time. Bringing their lessons and applying them to our daily lives.

May you have a fruitful and holy journey.

Pray, travel, and enjoy.

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