Catholic Cathedrals in Florida

Sacred Wander: Traveling to Catholic Cathedrals in Florida

Florida is a US state with a profound Catholic history. Apart from its prime beaches and sumptuous cuisine, it is also popular for its Catholic Churches including Monasteries, Cathedrals, Shrines, and other religious sites making it a tourist favorite. In this blog post, we will tour some of the most beautiful Catholic Cathedrals in Florida. These sacred havens will renew your faith, helping you grow close to God through their wonders physically and spiritually. So sit back, read, take notes, and enjoy!

Here are the must-see Catholic Cathedrals in Florida.

Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine

Let’s start our virtual tour with the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine. Built from 1793 to 1797, it is located in St. Augustine, Florida. A seat of the Bishop of St. Augustine, it has been on the list of National Historic Landmarks, National Register of Historic Places, and National Historic Landmark District Contributing Property since 1970. With its Spanish Colonial and Renaissance Revival architectural style, this is truly one of Florida’s finest Cathedrals. Its exterior, particularly the facade, exposes its quaintness. Inside, a gorgeous Altar will welcome you. There are remarkable sculptures and paintings as well. The side Chapel with a mosaic of the Last Supper is also a must-see. A Cathedral not to miss when in Florida!

St. James Catholic Cathedral

Our next stop is St James Catholic Cathedral. Founded in 1885 and completed in 1952, this Cathedral is situated in Orlando, Florida. It has a Romanesque Revival architectural style. It has an impressive rose window on the upper facade. Just like its outside look, the interior is equally majestic. Upon entering the Cathedral, you’ll see an Altar that is strikingly fine with remarkable paintings. Colorful stained glass windows and religious sculptures also give a lively vibe inside. If you attend Mass, expect a concert-like celebration with extremely high-quality music. Lastly, there is an Adoration Chapel that is almost a mini Cathedral because of its looks. This is Orlando’s sanctuary to explore.

The Cathedral of St. Mary

A historic Church in Miami, Florida, the Cathedral of St. Mary was founded in 1930 and completed in 1957. It is the seat of the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Miami. It has a Spanish Colonial Revival architectural style with an outside look that is eye-catching. Inside, you’ll witness a sanctuary that is fantastic. It has an elegant Altar under a dome with a blue mural depicting the life of the Virgin Mary. There are also notable stained glass windows and statues around. You should also check out their Blessed Sacrament Chapel which has a stained glass wall that is amazing. Lastly, but most importantly, this Cathedral is the first venue of prayer of Pope John Paull II in 1987. This should be on your bucket list!

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

Another holy Haven to visit in Florida is the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. Located in Pensacola Florida, it was founded in 1905 and is the seat of the bishop of the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee. The structure is in brick with a modern touch of Romanesque basilica style making it a hybrid Church. The Parish is simple in and out. Both the exterior and the interior are artistic and minimalistic. When you get in, the main focus is the Altar surrounded by stained glass windows making it aesthetically pleasing. There are also religious sculptures such as the Stations of the Cross that are impressive. Above all else, the community is warm and inviting and you’d feel at home. This is a Cathedral worthy of your visit.


There you have some of the picturesque Catholic Cathedrals in Florida!

These religious sites are historic in that they exude the memories of the past. More than their physical features, once you get to know their background stories, you would probably appreciate them more.

As Catholics, it is such a great way to grow our faith through holy visits. This will enable us to connect to God and improve our spirituality. Learning from one place to another. Bringing their lessons and applying them to our lives. It is also a way to have peaceful and meaningful prayer moments.

May you have a fruitful and holy journey.

Pray, travel, and enjoy.

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