Best Catholic Apps in 2023

11 Best Catholic Apps in 2023

As we are already in the modern age, mobile phones, computers, and tablets have become part of our daily lives. Almost everything we need can be obtained in just one click. As Catholics, even our prayer life is almost digitalized now. And this is actually not a bad thing considering, people can easily and freely get resources they want to grow in faith. In this blog post, we will list down the best Catholic Apps in 2023. Whether you are an IOS or Android user, these apps are up for grabs.

Here are the best Catholic Apps in 2023.


This is the best Catholic App out in the market right now! This no. 1 Catholic prayer and mediation app contains prayers like the Rosary, Novenas, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Examen, Daily Gospel, and Lectio Divina. The users can customize their devotion, letting them choose music, guide, and length according to their preference. They can also connect with their family, friends, and community through the app enabling them to share their intentions and reflections.

Podcasts like The Bible in a Year are also accessible through this app. You can also pray with various Catholic celebrities like Jonathan Toumie of The Chosen and Jim Caviezel of the Passion of Christ in specific liturgical seasons.

What a great way to improve one’s prayer life. A must-have app for all Catholics!

Download here: Android l IOS


If you want a free version of the hallow app, you should check Laudate out! It consists of Daily Readings, the Rosary, Liturgy of Hours, Roman Missal, and NAB and Douay-Rheims versions of the Bible. It has a wide variety of prayers in English and Latin. Despite this enormous prayer selection, it maintains its navigation layout that is simple.

In addition, you can customize your user experience by changing the color scheme or font size. You can also create your own folder to access your favorite prayers.

It is highly recommended!

Download here: Android l IOS


As there are video platforms showing practices that are not Catholic nowadays, The Augustine Institute developed Formed.Org to promote wholesome content to Catholics especially kids! With this app, you can access thousands of video-based learning programs, documentaries, movies, audiobooks, and talks. The interface is well-organized allowing the subscribers to browse the materials relevant to liturgical seasons. The contents are also downloadable so you can enjoy them offline. Top rated!

Download here: Android l IOS

Catholic Study Bible

Scripture Reading must be part of our daily life as Catholics. Included in the list of Best Catholic Bible Apps, this free Catholic Bible resource is perfect for beginners. It is based on the Revised Standard Version 2nd Catholic Edition which makes it an accurate translation. It offers study tools developed by “Giants” in bible study, educators Dr. Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch for a much easier grasp of the Word of God. It has study notes, guides, and references to sections in the Catechism making this app even more useful both in Catholic Bible Studies and personal use. Download it now!

Download here: Android l IOS

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Aside from Priests, nuns, and those who are consecrated, laypersons can also pray the Liturgy of the Hours. Actually, they are encouraged to do so. One concern others see on why laity have not been praying the Divine Office is the access to it. With this app, you can now pray just like the religious individuals. The content is the same as with the physical breviary. It has Office Readings, Morning, Daytime, Evening, and Night prayers. It also includes the Rosary and Daily Mass Readings. The interface is simple and easy to use. Multiple languages are also available. Thumbs up!

Download here: Android l IOS

The Amen App

Level up your prayer life with Amen. This guided meditation app will help you nourish the Scriptures and recite various Catholic prayers such as Litanies and Rosary. You can also hear inspiring stories of Saints and reflections. It also has peaceful background music which is absolutely useful if you want to calm your mind while you pray or even sleep. The music is downloadable so that you could listen to it even offline. The interface is clean which makes it user-friendly. Overall, a quality free Catholic app!

Download here: Android l IOS

Catholic Missal

Participating in the Holy Mass has never been this easy with this Missal App. Just like the hardcopy Missals, it contains texts used in the Mass. In addition, it includes Prayers and Bible verses. The calendar is consistently updated. Hymns are well-organized. You can check the readings, intentions, and prayers intended for the day with ease. The language used is simple and so is its interface. Lastly, all features are available even if you are offline! A helpful app!

Download here: Android

The Holy Rosary

With numerous Rosary Apps available, this by far has a 5-star rating. This app helps you to pray the Holy Rosary with options to customize the font size of text, listen to the mysteries in audio form and even give your reminder just not to miss the devotion. There are also background pictures and music to help you focus. The voices are clear and the recitation is slow enough to understand what you are praying. And the best feature about it is that the audio Rosary works offline after downloading so you can listen and pray without an internet connection! One of the best!

Download here: Android

God Calls App

Are you discerning a specific vocation? This app is for you! Launched by the National Office for Vocation in the United Kingdom, this “Spiritual Took Kit” helps its users to discover their vocations. The app includes Gospel, Daily Prayers, and Saints’ Life to meditate on. What this app sets apart from others is its journaling feature. You can jot and track down your spiritual journey. This underrated function can help you have a clear picture of how God is calling you. This is indeed a useful app for discerners!

Download here: Android l IOS

Relevant Radio

If you are an audio type of person, this app is perfect for you! Relevant Radio is the no. 1 Catholic Radio App. It covers shows produced by Relevant Radio which is available in live streaming, diverse Podcasts of your favorite, Audio and Text Prayers, Daily Readings, the Latest News in the Church all over the world, and other faith resources. Internet connection is not an issue because you can just download the shows you want to listen to and enjoy them offline. Catholics should put this powerful app on their phones!

Download here: Android l IOS

Mass Times for Travel

You will never know how valuable this app is until you are in an unfamiliar place searching for what time is Mass there. This app will surely help you find a Mass whenever and wherever. This is intuitive to use showing you the Churches in your vicinity. It also allows you to narrow the Mass times by day. If you can’t make it to a Mass, this app will direct you to what’s around and available. Aside from the Holy Mass, it also offers users to find Confession and Adoration times in different countries. A frequent traveler? Download it now!

Download here: Android l IOS


There you have the best Catholic Apps in 2023!

Catholic Apps are powerful tools to improve your prayer life and get closer to God. These offer convenience which is an ultimate concern for some. In just a few clicks you can access unlimited Catholic content and resources to live out your faith.

May you enjoy your newly downloaded Catholic App!

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