Best Catholic Bible Apps

8 Best Catholic Bible Apps

In this digital age, everything is available at your fingertips. Cellphones, laptops, and tablets are making everyone’s life easier. Apps are on the rise helping people with their needs. There is an app for social connection, food delivery, language learning, and even for dating! Name it, most probably there is an app for that. As Catholics, we can also see this as an opportunity to grow closer to Him. Our fellow faithful also create apps that we can use in our daily lives. Here are some of the best Catholic Bible Apps that you can download and read now!

Catholic Study Bible

This free Catholic Bible app which is based on the Revised Standard Version 2nd Catholic Edition is perfect for those who are beginners in reading the bible. Aside from its accurate translation, it also provides the study tools developed by renowned bible educators, Dr. Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch for easy understanding. It has study guides, notes, and references to specific sections in the Catechism which make this app useful for Catholic Bible Studies or even personal use. This is a must-have for all Catholics. The best Catholic Bible app!

Download it on: Google Play Store l Apple App Store

All Catholic Prayers and Bible

High-quality Catholic app for free! With an excellent rating of 4.9 stars in the Google Play Store, this app is indeed a must-have on your devices. The translation is clear. You can read and understand it with ease. The indexing makes this app simple to use and explore. There are tons of prayers and devotional readings that you can use on a daily basis. This compilation is surely enriching and encouraging especially in these times. A perfect companion for spiritual growth!

Download it on: Google Play Store

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If you are looking for an all-around Catholic app, Laudate is for you! Aside from the Bible in NAB and Douay-Rheims versions, it also includes the Liturgy of the Hours, Daily Readings, and the interactive Rosary. It has an enormous selection of prayers to choose from.

Additionally, you can personalize it by changing font size and color scheme or even creating your folder to access favorites.

Download it on: Google Play Store l Apple App Store

Catholic Bible Offline Daily

As the name suggests, this Catholic Bible app is useful even if you are offline. It means even without an internet connection, you can still read it. It provides audio that goes through all the chapters with a repeat feature that make it helpful when memorizing or when meditating. To add, it also has multiple highlight options and an easy bookmark location on the passages. The navigation is also simple. Overall, easy to use, read, or listen to.

Download it on: Google Play Store

Verbum Catholic Bible Study

If you need a Catholic Bible app that covers the larger scope, this must be the Verbum Catholic Bible Study! This app offers an enormous database of resources useful for study. It is well-organized and expository, providing ease of navigation. It also lets you highlight information easily. A top choice for reflection, reading, and Lectio Divina. This is excellent for theology and apologetics. A comprehensive and effective way to study God’s words.

Download it on: Google Play Store l Apple App Store

Catholic Prayers & Bible

Easy and simple. These are how to describe this Catholic app. From its navigation to font, everything about the layout is straightforward. It includes a reading plan to keep you on track. You can also mark off chapters you read. And take note for future reference. As to the translation, it is easy to understand. Additionally, aside from the Bible, it covers daily devotion and prayer. The app also has an alert that pops up to remind you to pray. Convenient!

Download it on: Google Play Store l Apple App Store

Douay Rheims Catholic Bible

As there are many versions of the Bible nowadays, you might be having a hard time deciding which one to get. With the Douay Rheims, you will never go wrong! It is the direct translation of St Jerome’s Latin Vulgate to English. It means, it has the original text, unchanged. The source of all other translations. The font is legible. It has an easy-to-use index. You can also bookmark and listen to in through the audio. The navigation is simple. Overall, easy interface. The complete Bible in your cellphone!

Download it on: Google Play Store l Apple App Store

New Jerusalem Catholic Bible

Easy search! This Bible offers the almost same features as the above versions, audio, font customization, highlights, easy-to-understand translation, and shareability, but what this Bible makes everyone highly appreciate is its “quick search”. It helps the readers to jump into specific verses fast which helps studying the bible a lot easier. It works cleverly for quick referencing when doing research. This app is useful for daily meditation or intense bible study.

Download it on: Google Play Store l Apple App Store


There you have it! These are the best Catholic Bible Apps you can download on your devices.

Indeed, technology brings everyone closer. This is a great chance for the faithful to use it to their advantage. With the apps mentioned, you can just easily take your phone out and read through the bible and meditate on it in your own comfort, anytime, anywhere.

May we all read the word of God and live by it.

Loving Mother, pray for us.

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