Best Apps for Catholic Daily Readings

5 Best Apps for Catholic Daily Readings

Devotion is essential for us Catholics. Daily Mass, Rosary, Divine Mercy, and Novenas to name a few help us to grow in our Faith It just makes us live our lives more confident, facing each day with courage and hope, knowing that God is with us. Another devotion that you can incorporate into your life is the Catholic Daily Readings. The Catholic Church has provided us with a reading to be read at Mass on a daily basis throughout the year. These readings could be part of our prayer life including them as our devotion. Although available on websites, you can also conveniently meditate the reading through mobile apps! And in this blog post, we will list down the Best Apps for Catholic Daily Readings. You can download one of these now for free and start your devotion right away.

Here are the Best Apps for Catholic Daily Readings.

Catholic Missal Offline

If you are looking for the best app that lets you divulge into the Catholic daily readings, this is it! Aside from its simple interface which makes it easy to read and follow, the daily readings also have insightful reflections and commentaries. You also get to access prayers such as Novena with guidelines for a much better experience. It also has audio which is useful for those who are more fond of listening than reading. All of these features are available offline! You can read the daily readings with or without the internet! Highly recommended.

Download: Android

Catholic Mass Readings & Bible

Another in the list is this app offering not only Mass Readings but also the Bible! It has an easy-to-navigate layout with font options for a better reading experience. Plus, the artwork for each reflection is helpful, giving the users a visual representation of daily scripture for easy digestion. The audio of the Gospel and the reflection is useful as well as the music before and after readings set the tone. The short sermons are practical and straightforward, spoken with clear enunciation and pronunciation. A must-have!

Download: Android

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Catholic Daily Mass Readings

Well-organized. This is the rightful description for this Catholic App! It is a great resource for prayer and meditation that are easy to use. The recording of readings and reflections has a diversity of voices which is clear and easy to understand. Audio playback is also available! The reflections explain the readings, giving much to ponder to better live the Gospel. The depth of wisdom is just inspirational. When it comes to the interface, you can customize the text and the mode depending on your liking which is helpful for those who are visually challenged. A Catholic App you should download now. 5-Stars!

Download: Android

Daily Readings

This Catholic Daily Reading App is basic. It has no frills. It is lite and fast, loading the readings with ease which makes it appealing to everyone. Plus, the format is simple and on point for better navigation. Aside from daily readings it also contains prayers to recite. Both are in-app so there is no need to redirect to other pages through the link. While there is an ad, it is 100% ignorable because of its top-of-the-screen placement. Overall, this app is smooth and flawless! Worth considering for download.

Download: Android

Daily Catholic Readings

With more than 50,000 downloads and a rating of 4.9 in the google play store, this is easily one of the best Catholic Daily Reading Apps available! It is composed of the following daily audio and text readings which are based on the USCCB, and reflections as well. Quotes from Saints and their brief life histories are also in this app. What makes this even more unique is the access to the Catholic Church locations throughout the world including the Mass schedules which is helpful for Catholics especially travelers.

Download: Android


Devotion to the Catholic Daily Readings is absolutely an effective way to boost one’s love for Faith. Sipping a cup of coffee, driving to work, or even working out, whatever you are doing, you can always incorporate reading the Gospel in your life on a daily basis. With these Catholic Daily Readings Apps, it is possible! Just click “download” and enjoy!

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