Catholic Churches in Tasmania

Sacred Paradise: Visiting the Historic Catholic Churches in Tasmania

Australia is one of the countries and continents people dream of visiting. With its unique natural beauty and imposing architecture, this is such a lovely destination. But apart from these, Australia is also popular because of its Catholic heritage which you can experience now in its Catholic Churches, including Cathedrals, Shrines, and other religious sites. One of the cities that houses these Catholic treasures is Tasmania. In this blog post, we will enumerate some of the most beautiful Catholic Churches in Tasmania, touring each for your travel reference.

When you hear or read “Tasmania” the first thing that you would probably think of is Cradle Mountain. Little did you know that aside from this, the Apple Isle is also home to some picturesque Catholic Churches. Their physical quality would surely blow your mind.

Here are the Catholic Churches in Tasmania that you should add to your bucket list.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

Let’s start our virtual tour with St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. Located in central Hobart, Tasmania, it is the oldest Catholic Church in the city. Built in 1841, it was originally a Cathedral. With its Gothic architectural style, this sandstone Church is one of a kind with its quaint look. Its exterior is classic with a 60-foot tall tower. Inside, you’ll be in awe of its blackwood Altar and the painting above it depicting the resurrection. Apart from this, the Church also prides itself on its admirable stained glass windows showing religious scenes such as the Nativity and Annunciation. There are artistic Statues of Saints as well. This must be on top of your list when visiting holy sites in Tasmania. A place is worthy of your visit.

St Mary’s Cathedral

Our next stop is St Mary’s Cathedral. The seat of the Archbishop of Hobart was founded in 1860 and was dedicated to the Sacred Heart. It has a Gothic Revival style made of sandstone. Its exterior is striking with rose windows. Its heavenly Altar with a fine window is probably one of the most stunning in Tasmania and even the whole of Australia. It is filled with exquisite stained glass windows that are breathtaking. Its baptismal font is notable because of its history that dates back to the Norman era (1170-1200). Another asset this Cathedral houses is its award-winning organ which was installed in 1895. This historical Church is not to miss when in Tasmania.

The Church of the Apostles

Situated at Launceston, Tasmania, the Church of the Apostles was opened in 1866 and dedicated to Mary, Queen of the Apostles. It is under the Archdiocese of Hobart. Constructed in Gothic revival style, its outside look features a traditional design quality. It has a bell tower and a spire. Inside, a majestic stone Altar with impressive stained glass windows behind will welcome you. There are also marvelous stained glass windows flanked by the pipes of an organ installed in front of the Church. Additionally, there are two crucifixes, one on the Altar and one above the entrance. The Church is in a quiet and peaceful location as well making it a perfect place to meditate. Truly, a picturesque holy haven in Tasmania. A must-see!

St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church

The oldest existing Catholic Church in Australia, St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church or also known as St. John’s Church Richmond is nestled on a hill which is noticeable from the oldest stone arch bridge, Richmond bridge. Completed in 1837, this rectangular structure boasts its Gothic style with an iconic spire exuding a vintage vibe. Inside, a high wooden ceiling and an Altar with a stained glass window and statues will greet you. The paintings of the Stations of the Cross which are elaborate are spectacular too. The stained glass windows surrounding the Church are just remarkable. If you are fond of historic Catholic Churches, this is a go-to place for you!


There you have the must-visit Catholic Churches in Tasmania.

Although not familiar to some, Australia particularly Tasmania is such a Catholic paradise that you should consider when doing pilgrimages. It shelters some of the Instagram-worthy Catholic Churches. Aside from their physical attributes, they also possess a calm and relaxed environment making them conducive spaces for prayer.

Visiting Catholic Churches is a great way to connect to God and improve one’s spiritual life. It just inspires us to be holy and renews our Faith. If you are going on a trip, or traveling to spiritual Sanctuaries, Tasmania has a lot to offer.

May you have a fruitful journey.

Pray, travel, and enjoy!

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