Catholic Monasteries in New York City

Silent Tour: Visiting the Catholic Monasteries in New York City

Bustling streets and entertaining attractions are just some of New York City’s bests. But when you look beyond these, the Big Apple also offers a rich heritage. With its strong Catholic historical background, it is home to remarkable Catholic Churches, including Cathedrals, Shrines, Monasteries, and other holy locations. In this blog post, we will deep dive into the Catholic Monasteries in New York City. We will discover their spiritual grandeur for your travel reference. From architecture and religious artworks to serene ambiance, these holy sites are must-visits! So sit back, read, and take notes.

Here are the beautiful Catholic Monasteries in New York City.

Precious Blood Monastery

Let’s start our virtual tour with Precious Blood Monastery. Located in the middle of Brooklyn, New York, it has been the home of the Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood since 1910. This contemplative and cloistered congregation was founded in 1861 in Quebec with Adoration and reparation to the blood of Christ as their charism. With more than a hundred years of existence, this monastery exudes a traditional look that is evident in its exterior. Inside, an elegant Altar with a painting of the crucified Christ behind will welcome you. Gorgeous Stations of the Cross will also stun you. One of the monastery’s greatest assets is the stained glass window in the sanctuary depicting the Church triumphant, militant, and suffering which is breathtaking! Lastly, they shelter the relics of St. Joseph from his staff, the Virgin Mary’s veil, and the piece of the Holy Cross. Truly, an oasis to feel God’s presence. A must-see in New York City!

Brooklyn Visitation Monastery

Our next holy destination is the Brooklyn Visitation Monastery. Founded in 1855, it was the result of the Novena made by the Sisters in the Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary, a community established in 1610 by Sts. Francis de Sales and Jane de Chantal, living a monastic contemplative life. The monastery in itself transcends peacefulness. You wouldn’t know that it is a former rehab facility for alcoholics. Hidden in walls, its Church on the outside looks remarkable. It has a classic rose window on the top of the facade giving a vintage vibe. Inside, there are religious artworks such as colorful stained glass windows showing holy figures and Stations of the Cross. Their grounds are lovely as well. Since St. Mary of Alacoque, an apostle of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, is also a visitation sister, this order has always been practicing the famous devotion to the Most Sacred Heart. This is a perfect place to pray and contemplate. This is not to miss when in Brooklyn!

Corpus Christi Monastery

Last but definitely not least on our list is the Corpus Christi Monastery. It was founded in 1889 and is the oldest monastery in the US of the nuns in the Dominican Order. Located in Bronx New York, the nuns here are cloistered and contemplative. Their special mission on its establishment was to pray for the seminarians and priests of the Archdiocese of New York. The monastery features a traditional outside look with a rose window on the facade. Inside, you’d witness a majestic Chapel with a simple Altar. Above it is the Blessed Sacrament overlooking the faithful. It has impressive stained glass windows. There are sculptures of Catholic figures inside and outside as well. Apart from these, its greenery grounds are also commendable. The whole place really fosters spiritual conversation with the Lord. If you are in the Bronx, visiting this site must be on your bucket list.


There you have the Catholic Monasteries in New York City worthy of a visit.

New York City is not just for those who want to have fun and entertainment. It is also for those who want to relax and improve their spirituality. These monasteries can be your safe space if you want a laid-back atmosphere. Each offers a unique experience but they have the same purpose, to help their visitors grow closer to Christ.

If you are planning for a retreat in the midst of the busy city, visit these Catholic Monasteries, encounter God, and renew your Faith.

May you have a holy and fruitful journey.

Pray, travel, and enjoy!

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