Catholic Monasteries in Texas

Silent Visit: Exploring the Catholic Monasteries in Texas

Aside from its natural beauty and sumptuous dishes, the State of Texas is also famous for its Catholic Churches, including Cathedrals and most especially Catholic Monasteries. This makes Texas a perfect pilgrimage destination. In this blog post, we will tour some of the remarkable Catholic Monasteries in Texas, exploring the beauty of each and unraveling the mystery of its spirituality. These holy places will help you reconnect with God, offering you silence to pray, meditate and reflect. So sit back, read, and enjoy!

Here are the must-visit Catholic Monasteries in Texas.

Our Lady of Dallas Abbey

Let’s start our virtual tour with Our Lady of Dallas Abbey. Founded in 1955 in Irving in Texas, Our Lady of Dallas Abbey is the only Cistercian Monastery left in the United States. This abbey is under the Diocese of Dallas. Aside from its unique exterior like stone walls, the monastery’s halls and rooms are also adorned with art. The amazing thing about it is that the artworks are fashioned by the monks themselves. Some of these are statues of Madonna and Child in unglazed terra cotta, Portrait of Christ in cast bronze, Our Father Series I in white marble, and Praying Monk in grey marble. If you visit them, don’t forget to attend Mass where they perform Gregorian chant. A peaceful place worthy of visiting!

Mt. Carmel Hermitage

Our next stop is Mt. Carmel Hermitage in Cristoval, Texas. Carmelite hermits are a community of men called to a life of silence, solitude, prayer, and penance. They are contemplative. The hermitage has several chapels scattered in an enclosed space which makes it a peaceful place to pray and meditate. There are also various statues such as Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Michael the Archangel, and Pieta around the place. Furthermore, they have a gift shop selling religious items such as Rosaries and Scapular. They also sell goods such as coffee, baked jellies, and honey. All made by hermits themselves. Such a solemn pilgrimage site to visit while in the state of Texas.

St. Scholastica Monastery

Another on the list is St. Scholastica Monastery. Sitting upon a hilltop in Boerne, Texas, it is where the Benedictine Sisters of Boerne live the monastic way of life. They follow the rule of St. Benedict, seeking God is central. The monastery is under the diocese of San Angelo. It has Pagodas, an outdoor Chapel, a Garden, Gazebo, and Chapels on the hills. These sacred spaces provide everyone a place to pray and contemplate. If you happen to visit them, check out their thrift store, the Sisters’ Attic where you can find different goods that help the Sisters’ ministries. You can also schedule a retreat with them through Omega Retreat Center. A must-visit Catholic monastery in Texas!

Discalced Carmelite Monastery

San Antonio City in Texas is known for its breathtaking Catholic Churches. One of these is the Discalced Carmelite Monastery. Located on Culebra Road, San Antonio, it is where the Discalced Carmelites of the Infant Jesus of Prague and Our Lady of Guadalupe, from a cloistered, contemplative order founded by St. Teresa of Avila, stay. The monastery on the hill with an intricate white Chapel overlooking the city. Statues are everywhere in and out of this serene Chapel. They celebrate Mass on a daily basis so make sure to attend when stopping by. You can also say hi to the lovely nuns. Lastly, don’t forget to visit their gift shop where they sell different religious items. Another sanctuary in San Antonio.

Blessed Sacrament Convent

Located in Corpus Christi, a Texas City with gorgeous Catholic Churches, Blessed Sacrament Convent is home to the Sister Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration. It is a congregation with Perpetual Adoration and Devotion to the Holy Spirit as Charism. They are also contemplative. Established in 1970, their ministry is to provide a Eucharistic Chapel for everyone. True to their ministry, they are famous for their Adoration Chapel which is open daily with Holy Mass as well. The convent is surrounded by nature. Inside, there is a garden with lots of statues providing solemn areas to pray. Visit this holy site and renew your Faith with its silence and natural beauty.

Christ the King Monastery

To add to your bucket list is the Christ the King Monastery also popular as the Monastery of Perpetual Adoration. Situated in El Paso in Texas, it houses the Sisters of Perpetual Adoration which are contemplative, cloistered, and sacrificial. The congregation is scattered in different countries. In the US alone, they have three (3) monasteries. Built in 1938, the monastery is a designated landmark. It has a golden dome and arched Gothic dormers which are visible a few blocks away. The structure of the monastery is Instagram-worthy. So don’t forget to take your best shot. Visit and adore God in its chapel and feel His presence. Truly, heaven on earth.


There you have the must-visit Catholic Monasteries in Texas!

A lot of Catholics prefer to visit monasteries. With the peaceful ambiance, these pilgrim favorites are just perfect to pray and reflect on life. Places where you can take a pause and feel God’s presence, away from the noise, escaping from the hustle and bustle of life. Each one has a unique history and charm, making them top sites to visit when in the state of Texas.

Go to these Catholic monasteries and meet God.

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