Catholic Churches in Las Vegas

Inside the Sin City: Visiting the Catholic Churches in Las Vegas

As a child, I always heard that Las Vegas is a Sin City. Watching shows portraying how different kinds of sinful activities happen in this place convinced me that indeed, it is a Sin City. Growing up, I would also wonder if a place like this had Catholic Churches considering the negative things they are known for. And yes, after searching, they really do have. In this blog post, we will enumerate some of the must-visit Catholic Churches in Las Vegas.

Some think that Casinos, Entertainment Clubs, and Shopping Centers are the only attractions in Las Vegas, little did they know, that Sin City also houses beautiful Holy Sanctuaries.

Here are the must-visit Catholic Churches in Las Vegas.

Shrine of the Most Holy Redeemer

The Shrine of the Most Holy Redeemer is located in Las Vegas, Nevada right off the strip across from the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. The Shrine is filled with remarkable artworks such as bronze sculptures, depicting the life of Christ, wall hangings, and stained glass windows. It also has several prayer areas. The Shrine also features a Chapel and a memorial walkway. If you happen to visit, make sure to buy souvenirs in their little gift shop with plenty of selections. Since it is a Shrine and not a Parish, there are lots of volunteers that keep the Church’s ministries running. A place to add to your bucket list!

St. Anne Catholic Church

Another Church located in Las Vegas Nevada, St. Anne Catholic Church is one of the most unique Catholic Churches you’ll ever see. The structure of this Church is just different from others. The facade is rectangular in shape and looks like a lamp at night. In front, there is a memorial in commemoration of the unborn who were killed through abortion. The Church has a lot of statues both outside and inside. It also has a chapel and candle area where you can take a moment of silence to pray. Different religious items are also available in their gift shop. A must-visit Church in Las Vegas!

Our Lady of Sorrows Church

One of the physical qualities some are attracted to the Catholic Church is its quaintness. It just brings old memories. Our Lady of Sorrows Church is an example. This Church located in New Mexico, Las Vegas will bring you to the past. Made up of red sandstone which was started in 1852, it is in a Romanesque and Gothic architectural style. On the inside, you would see a simple yet elegant Altar, statues, and stained glass windows. It also has a Kilgen Organ which you should never miss hearing being played. In addition, the Church was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. Truly historic!

Guardian Angel Cathedral

Guardian Angel Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Cathedral located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is situated off the Las Vegas Strip. It has served as the Bishop’s seat in the Diocese of Las Vegas since 1995. Opened in 1963, the Cathedral is famous for its elaborate modern design. It has an enormous mosaic over the main entrance representing Guardian Angel. There is also a mural on the rear chancel wall known as the “Final Beginning”. A crucifix is suspended just above the Altar. The stained glass windows depicting the Stations of the Cross will catch your attention. This must be on top of your list.

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Saint Sharbel Catholic Church

Catholic Church as Universal Institution has different rites. It is always exciting to experience these rites. One of these is Maronite. If you are planning to visit Holy Sites in Las Vegas, you better check St. Sharble Catholic Church. Located in Nevada, this Church is situated in beautiful Henderson making the place heavenly. Since it is a different rite, expect changes, regardless, the Sacraments, specifically, Holy Mass is valid. You might also want to visit the first week of October when they celebrate the Lebanese Festival. The event is a great combination of food and music. A totally new experience!

Our Lady of Wisdom Catholic Church

Another Church you should check out while visiting Las Vegas is this Italo- Greek Byzantine Catholic Church. It really seems like a different denomination, but it is not! It still belongs to the Catholic Church but in a byzantine rite. Meaning they are practicing the Liturgy of Byzantine which is still in communion with the Holy Father. Just like the above Church, you would have a totally new experience attending this Church. The whole liturgy is chanted. Inside, the walls have hanging and painted icons. The cool thing is that most of these icons were painted by monks and nuns. A traditional rite worth experiencing!

Our Lady of Las Vegas Roman Catholic Church

Located on Alta Drive in Las Vegas in the state of Nevada, Our Lady of Las Vegas Roman Catholic Church is one of the city’s famous Catholic churches. It features a unique architecture. On the outside, a statue of Christ with children will welcome you. On the other hand, a majestic interior will catch your attention. The Church includes a stained glass window, a simple Altar, statues, and a candle-lighting area to pray. Expect also beautiful decorations and fun events during holidays such as Christmas, St. Francis of Asissi’s Feast Day, and the Polish Festival. A Church you should visit!


There you have the Catholic Churches in Las Vegas that you should visit!

Las Vegas is a city with a wide range of attractions. Its religious landscape includes a significant presence of Catholic Churches.

These holy sites are not just physically attractive, they are also historic. Telling significant stories of the past not only to the people of Las Vegas but those who visit them.

Although known as a Sin City, Las Vegas still proves that it has Faith. A Catholic faith that can overpower any type of sin.

If you are looking for a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city, consider visiting one of these Catholic Churches in Las Vegas, immersing yourself in its spiritual side.

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