Best Catholic Apologetics Books for Beginners

7 Best Catholic Apologetics Books for Beginners

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Asked why Catholics worship statues, I suddenly paused and thought of an explanation. I had none! So I replied, I’ll look into that. And then questions after questions followed. The scene caught me off guard. I never experienced being questioned about my religion like this before. It was discouraging! But, it did not make me lose my faith. It actually pushed me to study my religion more. Upon searching, I realized the fullness of truth in Catholicism. This motivated me to defend it! In this post, I review the best Catholic Apologetics books for beginners. These references will help you understand Catholicism more and answer objections by non-Catholics.

“I am not worthy to be called Catholic if I cannot defend my faith.”– St. Cyril of Alexandria

Here are the best Catholic Apologetics Books for Beginners.

Truth be Told: Basics in Catholic Apologetics

Author: Mark Hart and Joe Cady 

This is the best apologetics book for beginners! As the title suggests, this contains the basics in defending the Catholic faith. This is a great introduction to Catholic apologetics. The book is geared towards teens so the topics are explained in a simplified manner for easy understanding. The authors answered various subjects briefly yet in-depth so that readers know how to articulate the faith when a conversation begins. A must-have for everyone who wants to know and defend the faith.

Handbook of Catholic Apologetics: Reasoned Answers to Questions of Faith

Author: Peter Kreeft and Ronald Tacelli S.J.

Authored by a famed convert, Peter Kreeft, and a Jesuit Priest, Father Ronald Tacelli, this book presents a complete perspective on Christianity. From the existence of God to the reasons why the Catholic Church is the only true Church. Each chapter has a set of questions for readers to analyze the topics covered. There are also comparisons with other religions which is very helpful! This is the best book for individuals who are interested in a rational and logical explanation of everything about Catholicism.

Blue Collar Apologetics: How to Explain and Defend Catholic Teaching Using Common Sense, Simple Logic, and the Bible

Author: John Martignoni

Learning and defending the faith are two separate ingredients in apologetics. This book will not only help you study the faith, but it will also teach you how to defend it. The content is laid out in a format that is easy to follow. It presents arguments with supporting facts using logic, history, and of course, scriptures! The author also covered major differences between Catholic and Protestant beliefs for quick reference. What is special about this book is John’s demonstration of how to use verse or passage to pitch an anti-catholic point which I find beneficial (I get easily intimidated when faced with why-Catholics-do-that arguments). Five stars!

A Daily Defense: 365 Days (plus one) to Becoming a Better Apologist

Author: Jimmy Akin 

Jimmy Akin, one of the most renowned Catholic apologists, wrote this book. He made apologetics digestible for everyone without consuming so much time. The book is written in the format of a page per day. It only requires your 5 minutes per day to master defending numerous Catholic subjects such as God, Jesus, Mary, and doctrines. It offers short replies to protestant objections which are both powerful and effective. An excellent read!

Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine

Author: Rev. M. Sheehan 

This is the most comprehensive Catholic apologetics book! Published by Baronius Press, this classic has concise explanations on apologetics topics. It has tables and summaries useful to the readers for deeper understanding. With different interpretations of the Church’s stand on modernism, this book stays rooted in the true teachings of the Church which is an important aspect in apologetics (we only want to present the truth.) A detailed and thorough piece.

Reasons to Believe: How to Understand, Defend, and Explain the Catholic Faith

Author: Scott Hahn

Aside from being a great theologian, Scott Hahn is also a brilliant apologist and writer. This modern book on apologetics is helpful for beginners. The book introduces the whole spectrum of apologetics. It has a well-organized structure, detailed and clear just like his other books. From the basic topic up to the complex ones, Scott was able to deliver easy to grasp explanations. He started the discussion with arguments about the existence of God until typology (my favorite part!) I am truly a fan of his works. Thumbs up!

Catholic Apologetics Today: Answers to Modern Critics

Author: William G. Most 

If apologetics and theology are combined, this book is the outcome. More than defending the faith, this piece is also a great theology primer. It gives readers theology by piecemeal for better comprehension. I haven’t heard of Fr. William a lot, but I must say, he writes profoundly. He delved into areas that are difficult making them simple yet instructive. He used clear terms which makes it good for beginners in apologetics. Highly recommended.


Studying the Catholic faith is not easy. Willingness to learn is a must. It could be overwhelming but these Catholic apologetics books are simplified making them beginner-friendly.

Continuously, let’s make it our duty to understand our religion and defend it. We’ll never know how many people can we lead into the pillar and bulwark of the truth. Happy reading. Deus vult!

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St. Justin Martyr, Patron Saint of Apologists, pray for us.

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