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I know how it sucks that Catholic Answers Forum had already closed down. That is where I learned a massive amount of information about Catholicism. From apologetics to scrupulosity. That was my source of all things Catholic. That said, I compiled some of the frequently asked questions of my fellow Catholics about scrupulosity.

Note: This is not a substitute for a Spiritual Direction. As scrupulous myself, I know the importance of having a Spiritual Director. If you have religious OCD and do not have Spiritual Director yet, click here for the guide.

Here are some of the questions scrupulous Catholics asked.

Can I receive Communion even if food has stuck in my teeth while at Mass?


Yes, you can. This actually always happens to me. Although I brushed my teeth, there are instances when food particle is still stuck in my teeth. I asked this question to the Catholic Answers Forum and one priest replied. He said, I still can. As long as you ate the food an hour before the reception of the Eucharist, despite it getting stuck in your teeth, you can still accept Him.

When does the Eucharist fasting start?


The Eucharist fast starts an hour before the actual reception of the Eucharist and not at the start of the Mass.

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If snowflakes fell into my mouth and unintentionally ate it, did I break the Eucharistic fast?


No. First, in Eucharistic fasting, food must not be consumed. Snowflakes are not food. So you do not break the 1-hour rule.

Does chewing gum break a Eucharistic fast?


Yes, it breaks the Eucharistic fast. Whether it is sugar-free or not, you chew or you swallow it, the gum is still food.

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Must mortal sins that have been remembered be confessed?


Yes, it must be confessed the next time you go to confession. There is actually an argument about this, that once you forgot about sins during the confession, it would be absolved automatically but, I found this article to be helpful.
Yes, you do not need to rush to confess it, you can mention it in the next.

Is not paying tax a sin?


It depends. In taxation, there are two ways of not paying taxes. First is the licit one which is the tax minimization and the other is illicit which is tax evasion. The latter is a sin, thus confession is a must.

Is blasphemous thought a sin?


No, it is not a sin. Unless you intentionally do it.

A simple tip for this is knowing and trusting your intention. Did you intend to think of these thoughts to offend God? If not, do not fret, you did not sin. You do not have to confess it.

What is considered gluttony?


Gluttony is an excessive desire for food to the point that you neglect God and others. It is when a person continues to eat despite being full.

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Is watching violent movies a sin?


No, it is not a sin. Unless you purposely watch to obtain ideas and apply violence in reality.

Is playing violent games a sin?

No. Playing violent games is not a sin. But beware of its negative effects on the players.

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Is cussing in your head a sin?

It depends. If it is intentional, then it can be a sin. If this is the result of OCD, it is not.

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These are some of the common questions a scrupulous asks. Actually, there are more to these and they are more detailed. Again, I advise you to find a spiritual director that can guide you throughout the healing process of scrupulosity. It will immensely help you to correct your perception of God.

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