Best Catholic Books for Advent

11 Best Catholic Books for Advent

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Welcome to the Season of Advent! This is a time of the year again when we wait in silence as the Lord Jesus Christ presents Himself through a babe. Aside from praying, reading can also be an option while waiting for Christmas. In this blog post, we will list down some of the best Catholic books for Advent you can enjoy reading!

Adore: A Guided Advent Journal for Prayer and Meditation

If you are new to walking through the Season of Advent, this guide is absolutely for you! It contains scriptures based on liturgy for meditation, art, questions for reflections, prayers, and journaling space. All will help you have a reflective Advent journey on a daily basis. It is simple and straightforward. This book is good for both individual and group use. This will surely make you experience the true meaning of Advent.

The Joy of Advent: Daily Reflections from Pope Francis

Although small in size, this book is surely a giant resource in your spiritual journey through this Advent. It has scripture citations and a selection from the writings of Pope Francis. His words are simple but well-thought-out and encouraging that will make you think during the day. It will help you prepare for Christmas Season despite your busy days. A powerful Advent companion!

Memento Mori: An Advent Companion on the Last Things 

You might be wondering, why this book is even included when Advent is all about hope and not death. Well, tradition says otherwise. In the past, Advent was recognized as a time to take a look at all the Last Things. This book includes scripture-based daily reflections, examen of the day, and classic and modern art throughout. It is thought-provoking that it will help your soul in check. You can read it anytime! It also makes a good devotional. Powerful!

The Advent of Christ: Scripture Reflections to Prepare for Christmas

Meditate this Advent like never before! This piece links Old Testament prophecy to the fulfillment of Jesus’ birth. Start your day with the Bible verses, short teaching on the reading, and reflections on important characters such as the Blessed Mother, Joseph, Elizabeth, and John the Baptist. The book will prepare your heart for Advent. Insightful and a wonderful read. Highly recommended!

Advent and Christmas with Fulton J. Sheen: Daily Scripture and Prayers Together with Sheen’s Own Words (Advent and Christmas Wisdom) 

This book is a collection of wisdom from Fulton Sheen formatted as a devotional. It is divided into three (3) parts, Readings for Advent, Readings for Christmas, and Night Prayer. Advent Readings are composed of scriptural passages, Sheen’s work from books, and prayer. it is easy to follow and well-organized. Meaty yet can fit into your busy day. It can also be used for personal devotion. Truly inspirational!

Rejoice! Advent Meditations with Mary, Journal

Catholic seems to overthink Advent Seasons. If you are one, this is perfect for you! As the title suggests, this book is all about meditation and journaling with Mary. Encountering Mary throughout this season will make it more peaceful and meaningful than before. It presents an opportunity to meet Mary in the stillness of your heart. It contains reflections, psalms, reading, and journaling space for you to have a much more profound Advent experience. A must-have!

Preparing for Christmas: Daily Meditations for Advent

In the busyness of Christmas preparation, this will inspire you to keep focused on the real definition of Advent. This book has daily reflection, short enough to fit in your day. You can begin your daily life by reading the message, guiding you to perform the tasks given. Overall, the book is concise and easy to read which makes it good for everyone. A great resource to prepare for Christmas!

Catholic to the Max | Jesse Tree Set: Book and 27 Ornaments Bundled | Religious Advent Calendar Countdown to Christmas

If you want to engage your whole family in this Advent, this devotion is right for you. This set is not only a book, it also contains ornaments that make it easy on discovering the meaning of Advent helping everyone see and touch the Season. It contains colorful illustrations, daily scriptures, devotions, and prayers. The whole family will surely love this traditional devotion.

Advent Catholic Prayerbook: Daily Readings and Prayers from the First Sunday of Advent to Christmas Day

This prayerbook is divided into Advent’s theme week. Each day of the week has three (3) parts, brief scriptural reading, a meditation on the reading, and prayer. All the sources used in this book have the imprimaturs of the ecclesiastical authority. Actually, the book itself has ecclesiastical approval. Well-written and spiritually reflective. If you need to improve your prayer life this advent season, you gotta check this one out!

Meditations for Advent

Authored by one of the greatest homilists of the Church, Bishop Jacques- Benigne Bossuet, this masterpiece will accompany you this Advent. This is made up of forty daily meditations that will keep you mindful of the true meaning of Christmas. This has deep insights which are clear and understandable. It is not just useful specifically for Advent. It is also applicable for the whole year round which makes it timeless. Life changing!

Oriens: A Pilgrimage Through Advent and Christmas 2021 

As the title suggests, this book is true to its purpose, it will guide you as a pilgrim beginning on Advent up until the Christmas Season. This book will help you how to pray more deeply. Every day there is a scriptural passage, Fr. Joel will direct you on how to pray with that passage and find questions to reflect on and do the journaling. Season of Advent is a prayerful journey and this book will accompany you through and through.


The season of Advent is a period of waiting. It is at this time that we will appreciate Christmas more. While waiting, reading is one of the better ways to spend this important season. The books above will surely make you love Advent more.

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May we all wait in silence for Christ this advent.

Have a joyous advent season!

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