Best Catholic Books on Prayer

17 Best Catholic Books on Prayer in 2024

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For us Catholics, prayer plays an important role in our faith. It is through prayer that we converse with God. Through prayer, we tighten our relationship with Him; we meet Him; we talk to Him. Prayer connects us to Him. And without it, we move far from Him. That’s how important prayer is. That’s why in this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the best Catholic books on prayer. These books will help you in developing a prayer life and maintain it.

Here are the best Catholic books on prayer in 2024.

Catholic Book of Prayers: Popular Catholic Prayers Arranged for Everyday Use

If you are looking for an all-around prayer book, this might be it! This piece is composed of simple and reflective prayers. It includes Liturgy of Hours, Rosary, Confession Prayers, Station of the Cross, and other special prayers. The page is of good quality and the font is large for easy reading. It also has illustrations throughout. This is best for beginners in Faith and those who are planning to start or improve their prayer life. Highly recommended.

Catholic Prayers for All Occasions

As the title suggests, this book is indeed composed of Catholic Prayers for all occasions! Traditional Prayers, Daily Prayers, Seasonal Prayers, Consecrations, Special Occasions Prayers, name it, this book got it. It is portable and convenient. The font size is readable. Overall, this prayer book is comprehensive and thorough. A must-have for Catholics.

St. Joseph Daily Prayer Book: Prayers, Readings, and Devotions for the Year Including, Morning and Evening Prayers from Liturgy of the Hours

Prayer should not just be an option. It should be a necessity. And this is exactly what this book is all about. St. Joseph Daily Prayer book will help you to form a habit of prayer. It contains one week of four-week Liturgy of Hours which is good for starters. It is simple yet includes important prayers. This book also has reflections explaining readings and prayers. A helpful resource to deepen a prayer life!

Catholic Prayer Book-Large Print

Have a hard time reading because of the small font? Say no more! This prayer book has a large print which is perfect for those with vision problems for easy reading. It is made up of litanies, Saints Prayers, and basics of Catholicism such as Sacraments, the Beatitudes, and the Rosary. The content is organized. It also has an index for extra help. To add, it is lightweight which makes it easy to carry. Great read!

Catholic Pocket Prayer Book

If you are looking for a pocket-sized prayer book, this is it! This little sword contains all the prayers you need. It has Order of the Mass, Divine Praises, Mysteries of the Rosary, Stations of the Cross, litanies, and other basic prayers. A topical index is also provided. Its size makes it possible for you to carry it every day. This is highly recommended whether you are a beginner or already living the faith.

Catholic Prayers

Reviewed by the Church authority, this little gem is actually free of doctrinal and moral error. It is composed of hundred traditional Catholic prayers. From common prayers to personal ones, this book got it. To make it easier to find these prayers, there is a division per section. Pages are of quality. It is compact which makes it carriable. It is also easy to understand and read. A comprehensive prayer book!

Catholic Book of Prayers for Children

Faith begins at home. It is a place where it is introduced and nurtured. Thus, it is essential that people get to know God at an early stage. This book is specifically made for children. It is filled with basic prayers that will help them develop a prayer life. This also has gentle illustrations for them to fully understand the prayers. Well-written and easy to read. Perfect gift for kids!

The Ways of Mental Prayer

Considered to be one of the best classics on prayer, this book teaches how to take common vocal prayer to the next level. This is a great introduction to mental prayer. Fr. Dom highlighted the starting stages of prayer up to prayer of the quiet. He also expounded on the benefits and struggles of mental prayer. This prayer book contains instructions for practicing this type of prayer which makes it beginner-friendly.

Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers

Looking for a gift for a Catholic couple or family? This book might be it! Authored by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, it is made up of both traditional and contemporary prayers. It will guide families throughout the liturgical year. An excellent resource for parents in leading their families to a prayerful life. This is what every Catholic household needs!

A Beginner’s Book of Prayer: An Introduction to Traditional Catholic Prayers

The title says it all! It is indeed for beginners. It is actually the best Catholic prayer book for beginners. This has a broad category of prayers, Foundations of Faith, Basic Catholic Prayers, Morning and Evening Prayer, and other special prayers. It is a must-have for those entering the Catholic Church and learning how to pray as Catholics. It is simple yet profound!

The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion: A Book of Daily Reflections

Mothers have a special role in the family on a daily basis. As a mama’s boy, I’d say they have a superpower handling chores after chores. Whether they are working on a job or as a mother, this book will be an excellent prayer companion. It includes daily reflections, brief quotations from Saints, scripture, popes, other spiritual inspirations, and devotions. You only need a few minutes each day to meditate on it which also is best for busy moms!

My Treasured Catholic Prayers

Looking for a small yet concise prayer book? This is what you are looking for! This book is composed of traditional prayers broken into daily prayers, prayers to Christ, Blessed Mother, and Saints for needs. It also has illustrations throughout with quality photos. It is compact that you can bring it anytime, anywhere. Its font is large which makes it legible. A great addition to your book collection!

Pray the Rosary

This book is the number 1 Best Seller in the Catholic Theology section of Amazon! It is the most comprehensive Rosary booklet. It is made up of all the Rosary prayers, images and write-ups for each mystery, and a diagram teaching you how to pray and meditate on it. This is easy to read and understand. A helpful resource for beginners and long-time devotees of the Rosary.

Praying the Rosary Like Never Before: Encounter the Wonder of Heaven and Earth

If you want to take your Rosary devotion to the next level, you might want to try this one. This book explains the importance of the Rosary both in the past and present, deep diving into the role of the Blessed Mother in helping us encounter Christ through this prayer. It does not just teach you how to pray but also gives you an explanation of the prayers through the scriptures. It also offers suggestions for dealing with inattention when praying the Rosary. Inspiring yet informative!

A Prayer Book for Eucharistic Adoration

One of the concerns of Catholics in visiting the Adoration is what to pray before the Blessed Sacrament. This book will help you with that! It consists of traditional prayers from ancient sources. It has prayers at Mass, Marian Prayers, Prayers of the Saints, Litanies, Novenas, and many more. With this prayer collection, your adoration visit will surely be fruitful. Compact and well-organized. Five stars!

Pocket Guide to Adoration

This is another book you can purchase for an amazing Adoration experience. This pocket guide is for those who struggle to stay focused in prayer, who have no idea what to do in Adoration, or who just need the inspiration to visit. It teaches how to pray the scriptures, Rosary, and lives of the Saints during the Adoration. It also will help you to discern actions to take after the Adoration. Fr. Josh’s approach is practical and personal. It is such a worthy purchase!

The Catholic Youth Prayer Book

This prayer book is specially made for teens. It introduces them to both traditional and devotional prayers. It does not just help the young generation how and ways to pray but also to actually be prayerful individuals. This is composed of prayers to address situations youth encounter on a daily basis. This has an index and navigational features for them to easily find prayers. It makes a superb gift for teens!


Prayer is such an important practice for us Catholics. It helps us get to know God and listen to Him. Without prayer, it is impossible to build a relationship with Him. Through this collection of books, we will be able to start or improve our prayer life, helping us to connect with Him.

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May we all know the value of prayer in our lives.

Loving Mother, pray for us.

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