What to wear for the Consecrated Virgin's ceremony?

What to wear for the Consecrated Virgin’s ceremony?

So you are finally eligible to be a consecrated virgin. You already practiced the order of the ceremony. But, have no idea what to wear yet? You are on the right page! In this blog post, we will enumerate what to wear for the consecrated virgin’s ceremony for both the candidate and attendees.

These are some of the items Consecrated Virgin has to have during the special ceremony.

Wedding Ring

The first thing to remember is your wedding ring. Yes, you read it right! Remember when you underwent discernment, you already knew that consecrated virgins are the Bride of Christ. You’ll get married to Him that’s why just like a wedding ceremony, you need a wedding ring. This represents your commitment to Christ and your betrothal to Him.

Note that the ring does not have to be expensive. Even a simple one is fine.

White Veil

Next is a white veil or head covering. This might be not new for others but for those who don’t know, the veil symbolizes the submission of the bride to her Husband who is Christ. It also signifies the fact that you are dedicated to God and that your life is now focused on serving God and others.

White Gown or Dress

Finally, come dressed in a bride-like white gown. This is an important ceremony so you better wear your best! You can also put on a white dress or tunic and belt, symbolizing purity and virginity. You might also want to consider wearing an outfit with a similar color scheme— white, cream, or beige—and something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.


Lastly is shoes. For shoes, the pair has to be formal. It doesn’t have to be high-heeled. Flat pair of shoes is okay. Wear something you are comfortable with.


Attending a consecrated virgin ceremony can be a joyous and emotional experience. If you are an attendee, here is a guideline you might want to check.

For men, dark blue or black pants and a dark shirt are appropriate. A tie is not required, but it’s a nice touch if you want to wear one.

If there is no specific dress code for men attending the ceremony, then it is acceptable for them to wear dark-colored clothing that is clean and neat looking.

For women, a dark skirt or white cream color dress is best. A nice pair of shoes that won’t make noise when you walk is also recommended. A knee-length or longer skirt is appropriate, as are long sleeves. The neckline should be modest, with no cleavage showing.


There you have it! These are the essentials in the ceremony of consecrated virginity. Note that you don’t have to wear expensive things. As long as your heart and soul are willing to swear life-long chastity vows even simple outfits could make the whole ceremony grandeur.

If you are considering this vocation, you might want to check this guide for discernment. It will give you all the information you need regarding consecrated virginity.

Blessed Virgin Mary, pray for us.

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