Best Catholic Books for Beginners

7 Best Catholic Books for Beginners

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At one point, I know you also wonder why do Catholics do what they do. This is applicable not only to non-Catholics but also to Catholics. The rites, traditions, and practices are just covered with a mystery that feeds curiosity. In this post, I compiled the best Catholic books for beginners that are surely helpful in understanding Catholicism. Whether you are new to the Catholic faith or just what to know about what Catholics believe, this is for you!

Here are the best Catholic books for beginners.

Why Do Catholics Do That?: A Guide to the Teachings and Practices of the Catholic Church

Author: Kevin Orlin Johnson

This book answers the never-ending queries on the Church’s traditions and customs. It is written in an understandable style, explaining topics in a conversational way. The content is well-organized, divided into four parts, Faith, Worship, Culture, and Customs. Each part is composed of chapters dedicated to a particular topic for easy reading. A great catholic book for beginners!

The Beauty Of The Mass: Exploring The Central Act Of Catholic Worship

Author: Charles S Johnston 

Ever wonder why do we do certain gestures during the Holy Mass? How about the rituals and responses? This book will answer all of these including other questions one has in this important Sacrament. It is an eye-opener, unfolding the symbols and hidden explanations supported by the Catechism and bible passages. It is rich in details yet easy to read which makes it beginner-friendly. A good addition to your book collection. Thumbs up!

A Brief Catechism For Adults: A Complete Handbook on How to be a Good Catholic

Author: Fr. William Cogan

Catechism explains the teachings of the Catholic Church. It instructs its faithful on how to live in a Catholic way. This book is a straight-to-the-point version of the Catechism which is perfect for beginners in faith. Fr. William was able to explain theology and morality using concise and ordinary language. In addition, the question-and-answer format is superb! It makes the Catechism less overwhelming. An excellent read.

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: New Testament

Author: Ignatius Press

For us Catholics, scriptures are as important as traditions. Thus, we must always read our bible. But, with numerous bible versions available now which one to get? You can never go wrong with Ignatius Study Bible. I included it in my best bibles for beginners list and rated it as the best! It contains all the helpful features such as commentaries, references, and footnotes for better understanding. It also has a study guide which is beneficial for beginners. Five stars!

Introduction to the Devout Life

Author: St. Francis de Sales

Checking some of my book reviews, this is one of my most highly recommended Catholic books for beginners! This just never gets old. The content is adaptive in all generations. St. Francis is your own Spiritual Director here. He instructs in a step-by-step and clear manner on how to give your daily life to God. Plus, this version is easy to follow. A good guide to the Christian life. It is a must-have!

The Basic Book of Catholic Prayer: How to Pray and Why

Author: Lawrence G. Lovasik 

Prayer is a significant part of Catholic life. But, sometimes, prayer can be hard because we don’t know if we are doing it right. This book can help you with that. It is a good introduction to how to pray. Fr. Lawrence gives practical ways to deepen prayer life, helping you achieve the goal of prayer, to unite with God. Additionally, forms of prayers together with biblical and saints’ quotes about prayer are provided. Highly recommended!

Why Be Catholic

Author: Fr. Ken Geraci

This piece by Fr. Ken is life-changing! It will make you discover your faith more, helping you to realize the true meaning of being a Catholic. Since it digs deep into the core of faith, the beginners will highly appreciate it. Fr. Ken was able to explain the beauty of Catholicism in a simple way that everyone can recognize. He unlocked the mysteries of faith that cannot be easily perceived. Get this one!


There you have it! These are some of the best Catholic books for beginners. Knowing the faith could be overwhelming so take your time. Fall in love with God and the Church one book at a time.

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Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, pray for us.

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