why do i love to teach in a catholic school

Why Teach in a Catholic School?

After I lost a job, in the middle of the pandemic last 2020, the first career path I thought of shifting into was the academe. Ever since I became a professional, I would always imagine myself teaching. But since I did not have any experience in how accounting works in the real-life yet, I postponed it. Thus, when the opportunity knocked, I grabbed it.

Looking for a job was not easy. I emailed different schools but for some reason, I did not get any reply. I thought perhaps, they were still adjusting because of the pandemic. Until one School replied. A Catholic School. The dean called even called me. He is a Rogationist Priest. Imagine, the dean himself! I was shocked. Even more funny was, it was a video call. I was literally lying in my bed when he called. And it ended with “I am hired”.

After a month, I started teaching in the college department. Everything was unfamiliar to me since this was a totally new experience. When I entered the online classroom, the head introduced me to the students. I was quite nervous. Before he turned the class over to me, he prayed. That was when it finally sank in that this was a Catholic School. As a practicing Catholic, I thought it would be a great venue for me to impart my faith without the fear of being judged.

After months of being an accounting instructor, I felt a sense of fulfillment I never felt when I was working in the corporate world. I felt at home.

Here are the reasons why teach in the Catholic School.

Growing in Faith

Teaching in a Catholic School helps me grow in faith. Prayers, daily Mass, and Feasts officiated by the school made me value my faith more. Aside from that, I love how the school holds annual retreats and recollections for teachers and other non-teaching personnel. There are also campus ministries that you can be part of. These religious activities are what separate working in a Catholic School from other schools. It gets us closer to God.

Sharing my Faith

Albeit the subjects I am teaching are all about accounting and taxation, I also want to connect to my students personally, so aside from imparting to them accounting topics, I am also boldly showing my faith. By starting my class with a prayer, I know it will bring impact to them. That everything should start by talking to God, offering Him our day. That for us to attain wisdom, we have to humble ourselves in prayer. I also share my devotions. How it changed my college life.

Inspiring People

One of the many reasons I want to teach is to inspire the young generation. I know how it feels to be demotivated in studying. And the thing that pushed me through to finish my degree was having an inspiration. I looked up to persons who were good in the field and did my best to follow in their footsteps. I feel, working as an instructor would give me this platform to inspire people. For me, my journey to being a professional accountant was worth sharing. It was a rollercoaster ride. Nonetheless, God helped me achieve it through my devotion. And this I share with them. That faith can really move mountains. To add, I thought divulging them my vocation would also inspire them to consider discerning. That despite having a career, it is still possible to regard religious life as an option.

Helping the Church

When I was looking for a job, I told myself that if ever I secured one, I would teach in a Catholic School for free. Sounds heroic? But not actually. This has been my plan, but before, I was eyeing to join a lay missionary group (it did not push through though). When I did not receive replies from other schools except in the Catholic School I am teaching in, I was forced to receive a paycheck from them. I felt a little bit of guilt because I thought I should be giving than receiving.

But then I realized, that working in a Catholic School regardless of position could be a way of helping the Church. We are honing the future generation with strong faith. Individuals that could embody catholic values. And this is a tremendous contribution not only to school but to the Church.


If you are in the process of deciding whether it is a good option to teach in a Catholic School, I wish the benefits above convince you to be a Catholic educator.

It is going to be my second year as an instructor in Rogationist College and I could not be any happier.

I hope you consider working in a Catholic School too! And let us be a beacon of change in our society by influencing our students to be men and women of faith.

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