What Shoes to Wear for Mass

What Shoes to Wear for Mass (Quick Guideline)

With a lot of existing debates on “what to” and “what not to” at Holy Mass, people get confused and stuck following their own views. One of the most frequent topics in relation to this is the dress code for Mass. In this blog post, we will delve into its specific concern, What Shoes to Wear for Mass.

Guidelines for Shoes

When choosing shoes to wear for Mass, just like other outfits, it’s essential to consider modesty, comfort, and respect for the Sacrament.

Here are the guidelines for picking appropriate footwear applicable for ladies and gentlemen.

  • Closed-Toe Shoes- Wear closed-toe shoes like dress shoes, flats, or loafers. Please refrain from sandals or flip-flops as these may not be respectful in a formal religious celebration.
  • Modest Heels- Wearing heels is not prohibited however, choose something that is modest in height. Wearing extremely high heels or any attention-grabbing shoes may be inappropriate.
  • Comfortable Shoes- Remember that Mass involves full body gestures, postures, and body movements such as standing, sitting, and kneeling for particular periods. Consider comfortable shoes that you can wear throughout the Mass.
  • Avoid Sports Shoes- Sneakers, running shoes, and other sports shoes are not appropriate for Mass unless you have a valid reason to wear one like a medical condition that requires comfort.


There you have clear guidelines on what shoes to wear for Mass.

The Holy Mass is a central act of worship for us Catholics. In this Sacrament, Christ gives us His Body, Blood Soul, and Divinity, the Eucharist. With this, it is only proper to submit ourselves fully to Him. Dressing up for Him with our best, following the rules of the Church and basic Mass etiquette particularly on the appropriate dress code, showing reverence.

May we value the importance of the Holy Mass by being modest, Loving Mother, pray for us.

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