Catholic Churches in Milwaukee

Sanctuary Discovery: Trip to the Catholic Churches in Milwaukee

Wisconsin is not just famous for its dairy farm, cold winters, and ginseng. America’s Dairy Land is also home to some of the most beautiful Catholic Churches, Monasteries, Marian Shrines, and other spiritual sites. Milwaukee is one of the cities sheltering these places. In this blog post, we will deep dive into the Catholic Churches in Milwaukee, visiting these spiritual treasures for your travel reference.

When you hear Milwaukee, the first thing that you would probably think of is its brewery which they are highly known for. But, other than this, the city also has stunning Catholic Churches, offering spiritual refuge.

Here are the Catholic Churches in Milwaukee that you should visit.

Basilica of St. Josaphat

Let’s start our tour with the Basilica of St. Josaphat. It is located in Lincoln Village Milwaukee and is one of the 82 minor Basilicas in the US. Modeled after St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, it is among the National Register of Historic Places and is a Milwaukee Landmark. Completed in 1901, its Renaissance/ Polish Cathedral architectural style catches a lot of attention on the outside. But wait ’til you see what’s inside! It is filled with religious artworks that are just solidly fantastic. From the stained-glass windows to murals, everything on the inside is worth your visit. Its sheer beauty is overwhelming. Really, a heaven on earth! This should be on the top of your list when visiting Milwaukee.

Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Our next stop is Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Located in Milwaukee Wisconsin, it was founded by German immigrants and built in 1846 and 1847. It is the oldest Church still standing in the city. This Greek-Ionic architectural style structure made it to the list of National Historic Places. It has a quaint exterior. It has a tower with bells and a clock. Just as its outside attributes, the inside is also remarkable. It has colorful stained glass windows and lifelike statues. The Altar is simply elegant with a painting depicting the Annunciation in the background. The Church also has a friendly community so you will feel at home. One of the must-visit Catholic Churches in Milwaukee!

Gesu Church

Brace yourself with our next destination, Gesu Church. Located on Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee was a Parish Church founded in 1887 by the Society of Jesus. This French Gothic and Gothic Revival structure is on the list of National Historic Places. It also has been an official Milwaukee Landmark since 1975. Although not affiliated, it ministers to the downtown campus of Marquette University. The exterior consists of unequal-height spires, and a majestic rose window at the center that draws attention. On the inside, it has striking stained glass windows and sculptures such as Pieta. Acoustics on services are great as well. A historic Church to visit while in the city.

St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church

Another historic Church in Milwaukee is St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church. Built in 1893, it is nestled at the corner of 7th Street in Walker’s Point. With its Gothic Revival architectural style, it is a designated landmark and added to the National Register of Historic Places. From its exterior, you’d know that it is an old structure giving a traditional look. It has a Celtic cross atop its steeple. On the inside, it has stained-glass windows which were installed at the time of its construction. Because there are no columns, worship space is wide. One of the prominent religious artworks is the Madonna and Child white marble sculpture. Overall, a must-see picturesque Sanctuary!

St. Stanislaus Catholic Church

Situated in the historic Mitchell Street District, St. Stanislaus Catholic Church was the third Roman Catholic Polish Church in the US. Its foundation and completion were in 1866 and 1873, respectively. Currently, this Church is home to the Latin Mass community in Milwaukee. It serves as an oratory of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. With its Polish Cathedral style, the exterior look is just magnificent presenting quaintness. On the inside, the marble and bronze main Altar will welcome you. There are also inch-thick, glass windows adding ambient glow inside. Additionally, the St. Cecilia’s medallion is adorning the choir loft. Since it provides Mass in an Extraordinary Rite, expect reverent worship. A Milwaukee gem!

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

Established in 1871 as the city’s eighth Parish, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church was founded by the Capuchin Friars in 1851. It is located at 1927 Vel R. Phillips Avenue Milwaukee. In a Romanesque Revival architectural style, the Church has a single bell tower and cream city brick with a pinch of limestone trim for other details. It also has a huge rose window in front. Inside, it has an extensive painting on the upper nave walls and an impressive Altar. There are also notable stained-glass windows. More than these physical qualities, the Parish has a welcoming, high-energy, and caring community. If you happen to visit Milwaukee, visit this diverse Church and be in awe.

St. Adalbert’s Church

St. Adalbert’s Church is another Polish Church located on the south side of Milwaukee. To accommodate the growing number of emigrants from Poland, this Church dedicated to St. Adalbert of Prague is built in 1908. It is the only example of a Polish-inspired Romanesque Revival architectural style in Milwaukee. It has an eye-catching exterior boasting a high tower, an artistic rose window, and a copper-clad belfry housing four (4) bells. On the inside, installed is a simple Altar. There are also admirable sculptures everywhere. With its gorgeous stained-glass windows, the Church became popular in the city. This has got to be on your bucket list!

St. Michael’s Catholic Church

Another on our list is St. Michael’s Catholic Church. A Catholic Parish since 1883, it was founded by German immigrants. It is located at 1445 N. 24th St. Milwaukee. Seen from around the neighborhood is a Victorian Gothic bell tower of St. Michael’s. It is the 2nd tallest steeple in Milwaukee. The Church’s wall finish is of ashlar limestone. The art inside consists of attractive stained-glass windows, and sculptures. The Parish also has organs and marvelous pipes. Additionally, they celebrate multi-language Mass to cater to the spiritual needs of its diverse members. Since it is multi-cultural, expect a vibrant and welcoming community. A Milwaukee jewel worthy of visiting.


There you have the must-visit Catholic Churches in Milwaukee!

Milwaukee houses some of the most beautiful Catholic Churches in the state of Wisconsin. The Religious Sites above are just some of these. If you travel to the city, don’t forget to drop by these Churches and experience God’s love.

Pray, travel, and enjoy!

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