How to confess sexual sins?

How to confess sexual sins?

One of the predicaments Catholics have in confession is how to confess sins, particularly when it is related to sex. Unlike any other sins, confessing sexual sins can be awkward. Confessing individual might feel ashamed thus not divulging it at all. But really, how to confess sexuals sins? How detailed should it be?

To answer this, I interviewed my religious friend, a Redemptorist Priest who is actively receiving contrite souls inside the confession box.

Examples of Sexual Sins

Let’s enumerate some of the examples of sexual sins.

  • Masturbation
  • Fornication
  • Pornography
  • Homosexual practices
  • Adultery
  • Polygamy
  • Free union
  • Rape

How to confess sexual sins?

According to Fr. JM, CSsR, you can confess the above sins in general even without mentioning the smallest details. In addition, you also have to reveal the frequency you committed them.

For example, you had a sexual intercourse with someone outside marriage (fornication) multiple times, you just have to say to your confessor that you had committed fornication and tell him you did it many times. That’s it!

Another one is pornography, if you are addicted to watching adult content, you just need to mention that you have been watching pornagraphy for a long time. You need not go into the tiniest details.

The confessor will then offer you counsel and finally absolve you from your sins with penances.


Confessing sins is a difficult task. What more if it is sexual? You need to uncover your deepest secrets and fearfully hear what the priest would say to you after. It takes a lot of courage! But know that we are all sinners. At the end of the day, what matters is our conviction to change for the better. To be holy.

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St. Gerard Majella, Patron Saint of Good Confessions, pray for us.

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