Best Catholic Books on Purgatory

7 Best Catholic Books on Purgatory

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Purgatory is one the controversial Catholic beliefs. As a matter of fact, it is also one of the topics, non-catholics favorite to argue about. I had a first-hand experience so I know. That said, it always boggles me what purgatory really is. Is it a place? or a condition? who are staying there? or who are undergoing this? In this blog, I compiled some of the best Catholic books on purgatory. With these, you’ll learn what the Church actually teaches about this doctrine.

Here are the best Catholic books on purgatory.

The Amazing Secret of Purgatory

Author: Sister Emmanuel and Anne Laboe

This is Amazon’s Best Seller! There are only few writings about purgatory and this book is a great book to start with. It is about a devout woman who was visited by the souls from the purgatory. She answers some of the most asked questions on purgatory. What is good about this books is it is straightforward and easy to read. It is also thought provoking. It is so much interesting that you can finish it in one sitting. Highly recommended!


Author: Rev. Fr. F. X. Shouppe S.J.

Purgatory comprehensively explained! This book covers the overall teachings of the purgatory. It presents how can we help the souls there and how can we benefit from helping them. It also details the Saints who had an experience with the purgatory. What is great about this book is the advices from the author on ways to avoid purgation completely. It is well written and an easy read. Good for meditation. Powerful!

Stories about Purgatory & What They Reveal: 30 Days for the Holy Souls

Author: Sligo

If you are looking for a good guide in purgatory, this is it! The book has a daily content that talks about purgatory; first-hand experiences, explanations, and prayers for 30 days. This is a good read especially for the month of November in remembrance of the souls. It will surely help you to emphatize to the souls in the purgatory. The book will affirm you that purgatory exists and the souls there needs prayers and penance. Great read.

Get Us Out of Here 

Author: Nicky Eltz

Life-changing and enlightening! These are the best descriptions for this book. It features Nicky’s interview with the late Maria Simma, a mystic. Maria had private revelations from souls in the purgatory who visited her. With the assistance of her Parish Priest, she was able to ask questions on these souls which people can learn from. This book also reveals a lot about after life. A powerful testimony. Give it a try and be inspired.

The Biblical Basis For Purgatory

Author: John Salza

Where is purgatory in the bible? This is one of the favorite questions of Protestants to Catholics. This book will answer this. Author and apologist, John Salza, offers scriptural explanation of this doctrine. He provides a compelling argument for its existence in a profound and to the point manner. It is a solid reference for the Catholics who have a difficulty believing and understanding purgatory. If you are doubting purgatory, read this.

All Souls’ Forget-Me-Not: For the Solace of the Poor Souls in Purgatory

Author: Rev. Louis Gemminger

Best book in helping the souls in the purgatory! This will explain to you the basics of purgatory. From what is it to why souls go there, this prayer book is your perfect companion. It focuses on helping the poor souls in the purgatory. Expect numerous prayers that you can recite during parts of the Mass, Stations of the Cross, and so much more. You’ll also be able to appreciate how they can help you. They are being purified for heaven and their prayers are powerful. This is a must-have!

Day by Day for the Holy Souls in Purgatory: 365 Reflections

Author: Susan Tassone

Looking for a book that will help you pray for the souls in the purgatory daily? This might be what you are looking for. We know how important prayer is for these souls. It will help them get into heaven. The daily prayer that this book presents is truly motivating. To add, Susan gives instructions to follow on some days to free more souls like taking youth to cemetery to visit the deceased loved ones and teaching them how to pray for the souls. Inspirational!


For some purgatory exists and for others it doesn’t. As Catholics, we should believe what the Church teaches about it. One of the ways to believe in it is to start reading some of the references mentioned above on purgatory. These books will surely help you understand purgatory and help the souls go to heaven. Let us continue to pray and offer sacrifices for them.

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St. Nicholas of Tolentino, Patron of Holy Souls, pray for us.

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